SPI 2019 Video Showcase

Did you miss APsystems at this year’s SPI? You’re in luck! Solar Power World did the rounds for you. APsystems senior director of marketing Jason Higginson details what was showcased at this SPI 2019 in Salt Lake City.

ECU-R Video Series launched for Installation Pros

Now available on the APsystems website and its YouTube channel, professional installers can learn the ins and outs of the installation, setup and commissioning of the ECU-R gateway. A collection of 5 videos, the ECU-R series covers the tools needed, features overview, placement, connections, use of the ECU APP, inverter scanning, syncing with the ECU-R, and final setup steps in the APsystems online EMA monitoring platform.
“The new video series covers the majority of the basics professional installers need to know on the ECU-R,” says Jason Higginson, Senior Director of Marketing. “These videos will allow them to move more quickly and easily through the setup process.”
There is also a wealth of additional product information, install manuals and training materials available on the APsystems website and the APsystems YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/APsystemsSolar

QS1 Cabling Video

Have you seen our new QS1 cabling & connection video? This video provides information on QS1 inverter/PV module connection in different scenarios such as portrait vs. landscape, tandem use with the YC600, use with split cell/half-cut cell modules and when to use DC extension cables.

The 5-minute Solar Installation

A complete 6.93kW solar installation in under 5 minutes? That’s right … thanks to the magic of video editing, and APystems microinverters!

Our friends at NextGen Energy have posted a great new video that compresses a whole 24-module rooftop project into an exciting short feature. And with their multi-module, plug-n-power design, APsystems YC500 microinverters helped the NextGen team get the job done fast.

Sure, it took a little longer than 5 minutes in real time … but the APsystems microinverter installation was fast and efficient. Less time on the job site means big savings for installers and customers alike … and that’s a wrap!

What is a Microinverter?

Microinverters are a popular choice for residential and commercial solar installations. They inherently meet NEC 2017 requirements for module-level shutdown, increase system efficiency and performance, and help with shading issues. Learn more about how microinverters convert DC to AC power right at the panel level in this video.


APsystems microinverters are unparalleled for speed and ease of installation.

The new online video training series from APsystems guides installers step by step through the fast, hassle-free installation and setup of the flagship YC500 microinverter.

The 12-part series covers fundamentals, tips and best practices for professional installation and system registration.

Topics include
* Installation preparation and safety
* Microinverter rooftop layout
* Cabling, connections and grounding
* Energy Communication Unit gateway basics
* EMA App mobile installer tool and much more.

The video series is designed for registered, professional solar installers, and complements our online training webinars, technical manuals and other support resources. To find out how to register as an APsystems installer, visit us here.

Each video is hosted by Christopher Barrett, Director of Engineering and Technical Services for APsystems USA. The entire series runs about 24 minutes, with installments viewable individually or in a single video.

Here’s a look at the first 3 videos in the series. You can view these and other APsystems videos on our YouTube channel http://youtube.com/APsystemsSolar or here on our website.

VIDEO: Learn the APsystems EMA and ECU monitoring system basics

From system setup to performance tracking, a robust monitoring package is essential to installers and end users alike.

The Energy Communication Unit and EMA software from APsystems offer this powerful but easy-to-use monitoring and analysis at every step.

Chris Barrett, APsystems director of technical services, demonstrated our advanced user interface at this year’s Solar Power International, and you can see the video now.

Find out how installers can pre-configure the ECU-4 gateway with microinverter serial numbers for plug-and-power at the job site, and how customers can easily track their array’s performance in real time from their computer or device.

See the EMA and ECU Basics video on our APsystems Youtube channel here, along with more videos highlighting our installations and products.

Solar Builder magazine highlights YC1000 at Intersolar

APS technology has center stage at Intersolar this week in San Francisco, and all eyes are on the YC1000 true 3-phase microinverter.

Solar Builder magazine features the YC1000 in this video from the trade show floor. See APS Senior Director of Marketing Jason Higginson discuss the industry’s first true 3-phase microinverter, purpose designed and built for commercial applications.

The YC1000 is proven in the field, powering a 529kW system at Fort Washington Country Club in Fresno, Calif. Read the story and contact sales@apsamerica.com for purchase and distribution opportunities.

Thanks to Solar Builder for highlighting APS and the groundbreaking YC1000.

APS VIDEO: YC500 and YC100 microinverters, the installers’ choice

Installers nationwide and around the globe choose APS microinverters for their power, reliability, ease of installation and value. Hear why leading solar professionals rely on the APS YC500 and YC1000 microinverters in our new product videos, appearing now on the APS Youtube channel.


APS VIDEO: We make energy affordable

Installers nationwide and around the globe choose APS microinverters for their power, reliability, ease of installation and value. Find out what APS has to offer and contact us for purchase and distribution opportunities.