Solar Spotlight: It’s no myth — microinverters work on commercial solar projects

We are excited to have participated in the recent episode of Solar Power World’s Solar Spotlight podcast, which explores the trend of microinverters in commercial and industrial solar installations. As microinverters continue to increase in capacity and can handle higher capacity PV modules, they are no longer limited to smaller residential solar projects. APsystems is at the forefront of this trend, with our new QT2 microinverter designed for use with four solar panels simultaneously, compared to conventional models designed for only one panel. During the podcast, Jason Higginson, head of marketing for APsystems USA, discusses this new breakthrough in microinverter technology and the potential benefits that they bring to the commercial and industrial solar market.

Read an excerpt of APsystems’ Solar Spotlight podcast with Solar Power World here, but be sure to listen to the full episode here or on your favorite podcast app.

Come Chat with APsystems at these Upcoming Shows

Looking to connect with APsystems? We’ll be showcasing our latest solar microinverter products, the DS3 and QT2, at some upcoming events! You can find us at the Midwest Solar Expo in Chicago—where APsystems is a Megawatt Sponsor—May 1-3 at Booth #38/39 and RE+ Southeast in Atlanta May 17-18 at Booth #215. Our team will be available to answer any questions, demonstrate our products, and give you ideas on how you can implement and install our microinverters into your systems for greater efficiency. We hope to see you there!

APsystems Busts Myths about Commercial Microinverters on The Pitch

Microinverters have long been a go-to in residential solar arrays for how they simplify installation, provide panel-level monitoring and shade mitigation, and meet rapid-shutdown code requirements. But can they have the same impact in the commercial sector? APsystems’ Senior Director of Marketing USA, Jason Higginson, sat down with Solar Builder magazine on The Pitch to answer that question. Discussing APsystems’ quad microinverter, the QT2, he busted common myths about microinverters in commercial arrays, including their cost, power output, and points of failure. (Spoiler alert: the QT2 comes out on top!)


2022 APsystems Installation Award Winners

Another historic year at APsystems is in the books! The strides we made—including surpassing 3 GW of installed capacity—mark significant milestones for our company and the industry as a whole. But, of course, nothing would be possible without our partner distributors, installers, and end-users that continue to propel APsystems forward.

This brings us to one of our favorite parts of each year—showcasing our project award winners. It’s always a pleasure to see the creativity and ingenuity that people are pairing with our microinverter technology. The 2022 competition also comes with some extra excitement as we have added a nonprofit category to recognize a special organization. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter your project. Each entry was thoroughly considered and appreciated, but we ultimately could only choose three winners.

Learn more about this project here

In the commercial category, Sustainable Living Innovations, Inc. partnered with A. Adkisson Electric to take home the top prize for their solar innovation on a 15-story apartment building. Apollo Solar sits in the top spot of the residential category for its meticulous work on a 45-panel deinstall-reinstall. And lastly, our winner in the non-profit category, South Sound Solar and Quixote Communities, for their ingenious work of installing solar panels in a tiny home community that focuses on providing shelter for the homeless. Congratulations to all of our 2022 APsystems Project Award Winners!

Learn more about this project here

A decade ago, we couldn’t have imagined—although we hoped—seeing such incredible solar work being done on such a large scale. Each year, we are surprised and elated by the way that the industry is utilizing our microinverter technology. If you have an exciting project upcoming or already underway this year, keep it in mind, as our 2023 awards will be here before you know it! 

Learn more about this project here

303 Battery: When the global benchmark for sustainability is a Net Zero

APsystems Project Award Commercial Winner – Sustainable Living Innovations with Adkisson Electric

The Belltown district in downtown Seattle is the city’s most densely populated neighborhood. Known for its vibrant nightlife, it boasts some of the area’s best restaurants, galleries, and music venues. It now also has the distinct privilege of being home to the world’s first high rise apartment building given the highly coveted Net Zero designation by ILFI (International Living Future Institute). 

Designed and built by Sustainable Living Innovations, the fifteen story building is unironically located on Battery Street and represents the pinnacle of sustainable architecture and design. Sustainable Living Innovations uses its patented building technology, which incorporates all necessary mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure into wall panels that are fabricated off-site to specification. Once the wall panels are completed, they are delivered to the project site and placed, much like legos, on the building’s steel frame. This process has huge benefits including an accelerated time to market, as delays due to PNW weather are no longer a factor, as well as much less material and labor force waste when compared to traditional construction methods. 

The largest contributor to the energy savings is the use of 622 solar panels, expertly installed by Adkisson Electric, which adorn a large section of the building’s facade as well as the rooftop terrace and balconies. Using over 300 YC600 microinverters from APsystems and in conjunction with a combination of PV panels from QCell and Lumos, the on-site solar array generates roughly 210k kilowatt hours annually. The microinverters also come equipped with power factor control capability which allows for power factor adjustment according to utility, transformer, or battery requirements from the building’s energy storage system.

Making up the difference are several other energy saving systems that include a DC low voltage lighting system and a waste heat recovery system from SHARC that pulls heat from hot gray water and converts it back into energy that is then stored for future use.

The 303 Battery building is truly one of a kind but with Sustainable Living Innovations lighting the way, we can be sure it won’t stay that way for long. 

APsystems is very proud to award the APsystems Commercial Project of the Year for 2023 to Sustainable Living Innovations with Adkisson Electric for their revolutionary 303 Battery project!


See more pictures for this project here.

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Quixote Village: A community vision for sheltering the homeless

APsystems Project Award Non-Profit Winner – Quixote Communities in partnership with South Sound Solar and Olympia Community Solar

When Quixote Village first opened its doors in 2013 to some of Olympia, Washington’s most vulnerable citizens, it was not only the culmination of years of hard work from countless individuals but the realization of a community vision; to provide a safe space and permanent housing to Olympia’s homeless population. Originally established in 2007 as a nomadic encampment called Camp Quixote, the camp’s members would take refuge in the parking lots of local area churches for up to 90 days before having to uproot and find another church willing to offer their parking lot for the camp’s uses. The camp existed like this for nearly seven years, ever moving from parking lot to parking lot, before interested community members took things into their own hands, started a non-profit, and petitioned Thurston County to provide permanent space for the camp. The county answered and granted the property where Quixote Village now stands.

The village consists of 30 individual tiny houses, roughly 140 square feet in size which includes space for a bed, modest storage space for belongings and small furniture items as well as a toilet. Showers and kitchen facilities are housed in the on-site community building. There is also a media room and a community garden where the residents find a great deal of joy and pride.

From inception, there was always the hope of incorporating solar energy into the infrastructure of the village but it always seemed just out of grasp. That is, until Olympia Community Solar, another community non-profit, reached out to the Village earlier last year and offered to spearhead the initiative and take on the often complicated and tedious task of securing funding through a number of different grant channels. South Sound Solar was also an instrumental partner, not only in the installation but of the design of the solar system, as well as coordinating with the necessary utility companies.

The roof of each of the tiny house units now boasts four solar panels, each tiny house solar array producing roughly 1KW. Coupled with APsystems YC600 microinverters which are critical to the system’s specific architecture, and supplemented by panels on the roof of the community building, the solar system saves the village nearly $8,000 per year, money that is reinvested back into the village in the form of on-site mental health support, facility maintenance, better food, and other enrichment programs designed to foster and support the health and safety of the residents.

Happily, Quixote’s vision doesn’t end here. They’ve already opened a second community for homeless veterans in Pierce County in May of 2021 and have broken ground on a third village in Shelton, WA. Both of these new communities have planned solar as part of their energy infrastructure.

APsystems is incredibly proud to award APsystems Non-Profit Project of the Year for 2023 to Quixote Communities in partnership with South Sound Solar and Olympic Community Solar for their inspiring efforts at Quixote Village!



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Uninstalling and Reinstalling: Optimizing A Residential Solar Array in Indiana

APsystems Project Award Residential Winner – Apollo Solar

The owners of a house nestled in an Indiana suburb were dealing with a variety of issues. Firstly, due to a poorly installed chimney flashing, the roof sustained water damage and needed replacing. That meant that their current 45-panel solar array had to be completely removed. However, this obstacle quickly turned into an opportunity for Apollo Solar to install a much more efficient solar energy system for the homeowners. 

Due to regulations the neighborhood’s homeowner association had at the time of the first install in 2016, the panels were currently positioned on the shadier back side of the house. On top of that, the previous installer did not have the best practices, leaving the homeowners with loose cables, extended rails, odd panel layouts, and conduit resting on gutters. Now, in 2022, no homeowner association regulations were stopping Apollo Solar from placing the panels on the much sunnier front side—-and doing the job right this time.

With this house being located in shady suburbia, installing inverters at each panel to maximize output just made sense. By using APsystems microinverters, Apollo Solar was not only able to optimize their client’s solar panels but give them the power to monitor each panel individually and, ultimately, give them confidence in their solar system that they didn’t have before. 

Congratulations to Apollo Solar and their “45-Panel Uninstall-Reinstall” project for being awarded APsystems Residential Solar Project of the Year for 2022!

See more pictures for this project here.

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Press Release: APsystems and OSW Announce Global Distribution Agreement

JIAXING, China & SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–APsystems, the global leader in multi-platform solar MLPE technology, and OSW, Australian’s largest Solar Distributor, active globally, have announced a global distribution agreement, bringing APsystems’ technology and OSW’s One Simple Way philosophy and global distribution capability to markets around the world.

“Our core values and global capability are directly aligned with those of OSW, and we look forward to partnering with them to positively impact the solar market and bring more APsystems products to customers across Europe and the United States.”

Both companies cite powerful overlaps in values and purpose as reasons for the strategic alignment. APsystems strongly values innovation, evidenced in its microinverters, the most powerful multi-module microinverters in the world. OSW is likewise dedicated to bringing superior solar technology to its customers. Both firms also continue to expand globally; OSW has recently expanded its operations in Europe and the US with dedicated warehouses and offices in Poland, Munich, the Netherlands, and Texas. APsystems has a strong position in Europe with regional offices in Lyon, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands, and recently shifted its U.S. main office to Austin, Texas last year. The partnership agreement naturally covers Europe and the United States.

“Microinverters have gained strong traction in solar rooftop segments around the world. APsystems offers high quality solar microinverters with leading-edge technology,” said Anson Zhang, Co-founder and CEO at OSW. “Combined with their global product footprint, it was a natural partnership when we decided to include a microinverter brand in our portfolio.”

“OSW is known for empowering its customers with the best solar products in the industry,” said Olivier Jacques, APsystems President of global business units. “Our core values and global capability are directly aligned with those of OSW, and we look forward to partnering with them to positively impact the solar market and bring more APsystems products to customers across Europe and the United States.”

Leveraging a successful dual microinverter introduction last year with the DS3 series, a dedicated residential solar product, APsystems recently released its second generation of native 3-phase microinverters with the QT2, a powerful Quad microinverter for C&I applications. Both companies look forward to bringing these new products, and other APsystems innovations, to markets where OSW is expanding its growing presence.

APsystems and OSW are also committed to impacting climate change with high quality products that offer system-owners an electrical generation alternative, providing tangible, daily value in the form of pure solar energy at a lower overall cost and with zero emissions.

About OSW

OSW is the largest solar distributor in Australia, offering a wide range of solar products, including PV panels, inverters, EV chargers, solar storage options, racking, and components from leading solar innovators. We are listed among the top 500 privately listed companies and are recognized as one of Australia’s fastest growing top 100 companies. With six warehouses across Australia and expanding into the European market and other locations across the globe, including Poland, Munich, Texas, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, OSW is committed to reducing the carbon footprint and driving sustainability.

Understanding the importance of technology in improving their services, OSW has diversified its services to include Greendeal IT Software, Virtual Power Plants (VPP), power services, and financing. OSW, in conjunction with its subsidiaries Green Deal and Manta Energy, empowers customers on the journey of sustainability from the beginning to end.

OSW’s innovative and sustainable approach to business makes it an excellent choice for clients looking to embark on a solar energy project. By choosing OSW, clients can benefit from the company’s cutting-edge technologies, commitment to sustainability, and leadership in the industry. OSW’s expansion and investment in innovative solutions create opportunities for more sustainable energy generation. With OSW leading the way towards a sustainable future, the world can look forward to a brighter, cleaner, and greener tomorrow.

Get up close to the new QT2 at the 2023 NABCEP CE Conference & at other Shows

Come check out the new QT2 at the NABCEP CE Conference happening March 27-30 in St. Charles, Missouri. At Booth #72/76, we’ll be showcasing our four-in-one microinverter that is taking the commercial solar sector by storm. A Diamond Sponsor for this year’s conference, APsystems will also be part of a Round Table discussion, offer training opportunities, and host a happy hour event. We can’t wait to see all of you there!

APsystems set to exhibit at more shows in the next few weeks:
The APsystems team will also be hitting the road to share our solar technology and connect with others in the industry at RE+ in Northern CA Booth #4 on 3/28 and RE+ in Texas Booth#414 on 4/5. 

Free Training Webinars

If you’re a professional solar installer, you can take advantage of APsystems’ free webinar trainings! Expand upon your knowledge and capabilities by learning all about our product lines, installation, setup, benefits, features, customer accounts, site configuration, and troubleshooting on both the DS3 and QT2.

These two-part webinars will cover Microinverter Installation, ECU Gateway Setup & Commissioning, and EMA walkthrough. Each part is 1 hour long and takes place on consecutive days. It’s imperative that installers attend both days for complete system training.


DS3 – March 7
ECU-R/EMA – March 8

QT2 – March 14
ECU-C/ECU-R/EMA – March 15


DS3 – April 11
ECU-R/EMA – April 12

QT2 – April 18
ECU-C/ECU-R/EMA – April 19


DS3 – May 9
ECU-R/EMA – May 10

QT2 – May 23
ECU-C/ECU-R/EMA – May 24



Training is free for professional installers. Attendees will also receive 1 NABCEP CE credit for each APsystems webinar they attend. Be sure to sign up for both events of this 2-part series!