The APsystems Microinverter Solution

The APsystems microinverter solution integrates our grid-tied microinverters with intelligent networking and monitoring systems, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency of your residential or commercial solar system.

The APsystems microinverter solution includes these three key components:

APsystems Microinverter

APsystems microinverters are the most advanced, reliable units on the market for all residential and commercial applications. Our proprietary chip-based architecture ensures maximum efficiency and allows easy programming for any grid profile.

Energy Communication Unit

The APsystems Energy Communication Unit (ECU) collects and relays system performance data in real time, giving you comprehensive control over each module in your PV system.

Energy Monitoring & Analysis

The APsystems Energy Monitoring & Analysis (EMA) gives you round-the-clock performance data through any web-enabled device — even your smart phone — anytime, anywhere. Our advanced software detects and alerts you to any performance issues, ensuring the highest system output always.

Because it is an integrated system, the APsystems microinverter solution optimizes your solar energy harvest while increasing system reliability; simplifies PV system design, installation, maintenance and management; and improves installer and owner safety.

The APsystems microinverter solution is the smartest integrated system on the market today.

NOTE:  The APsystems microinverter will operate in standalone mode without connecting to either the APsystems ECU or the APsystems EMA, and also works with the APsystems ECU alone. To allow full web analysis, the APsystems ECU must be connected to and logged into the APsystems EMA.