Innovation and Impact: Unveiling the 2023 APsystems Project Award Winners

At APsystems, we’re focused on making smart energy accessible to everyone and advancing toward a zero-carbon future. By creating solar solutions that make the installation and monitoring of systems easy and more convenient, we continue to make strides with 4GW of energy installed to date at solar sites in over 100 countries. None of this would be possible without our partner distributors, installers, and end-users who continue to illuminate the way to clean energy.

So now, it’s time to celebrate them. Our Project Award winners highlight the latest and greatest projects APsystems installers are creating in the solar space, and we are seeing the creativity and ingenuity grow year after year. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter your project into our 2023 award categories. Each entry was thoroughly considered and appreciated, and choosing our winners was not without difficulty.

In the non-profit category, Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp took home the top prize for its work in creating a beacon of hope for cancer patients in Washington. Idahome Energy took home the top spot in the residential category for their flag-roof installation combining the power of solar and patriotism in Idaho. Leading the way in the commercial category is Green Box Solar for their work offsetting the energy use of a mammoth manufacturing operation in Utah. Second place in the commercial category goes to Apollo Solar for their contribution to a Kentucky library. We also recognized Spring Solar for its immaculate ground mount (and impressive sticker map!) in Utah, Vegas Solar for a show-worthy installation, and Alaska Solar for powering their state toward a clean-energy future.

Congratulations to all of our 2023 Project Award Winners! This recognition of your hard work and dedication is well-deserved. We look forward to seeing what you contribute to the solar landscape well into the future!


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Empowering Wellness: Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp’s Solar Contribution

Winner of the APsystems 2023 Non-Profit Solar Project of the Year Award

In the heart of Yakima, Washington, lies Wellness-House, a safe place for those whose lives have been affected by the diagnosis of a life-altering illness, either personally or by a loved one. As a non-profit organization offering no-cost services such as counseling, wigs, and prosthetics, Wellness House relies on community support to fulfill its mission. Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp, winner of the AP Systems 2023 Non-Profit Category Solar Project of the Year Award, stepped in to install a solar array, reducing operational costs and allowing Wellness House to allocate more resources to its programs.

With over 15 years of experience, Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp embodies its core values of innovation, efficiency, satisfaction, and community impact in every project. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their approach, as they strive to make every solar experience memorable for their clients. Offering 100% financing for qualifying customers at competitive rates, they make the dream of going solar a reality for many.

Moreover, DSE believes in the importance of community impact. For every system installed, they set apart funds to provide solar for those who cannot afford it, partnering with local organizations and churches to make a difference in their community and beyond.

APsystems DS3 microinverters were chosen for their exceptional performance and near real-time reporting capability. Gustavo Carvajal, President of Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp and solar industry expert of 15 years, notes, “APsystems is an excellent solution for shade issues such as trees and obstructions.” Reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and adaptability, Carvajal adds, “The installation is simple, and the products have evolved to respond to increasing solar module capacity.” He also emphasizes the reliability of APsystems microinverters, “our company can quickly detect and solve problems with microinverters thanks to online reporting, which communicates professionalism and customer care.”

Carvajal continually chooses APsystems for its competitive pricing, proven technology, ease of installation, and robust online reporting. Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp has confidently relied on APsystems microinverters for residential and commercial solutions, with customers pleased with their performance, reliability, and service.

Thank you, Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp, for your dedication to the non-profit sector and for being a valued APsystems partner.

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Uniting Patriotism and Power: Idahome Energy’s Flag-Roof Solar Project

Idahome Energy: Winner of the APsystems 2023 Residential Solar Project of the Year Award

In Eagle, Idaho, a testament to patriotism and sustainability stands tall: a flag-like solar installation by Idahome Energy. Winner of the APsystems 2023 Residential Category, this project embodies the spirit of American pride and demonstrates the power of renewable energy to illuminate a brighter future. Driven by a desire to showcase their patriotism, the customer entrusted Idahome Energy with a unique challenge. “We wanted a system that would not only power our home but also serve as a beacon of pride for our community.”

Idahome Energy, a leading solar company in Boise, ID, with more than 25 years of combined experience, rose to the occasion, designing a 23.87 kW DC (19.84 kW AC) array that leveraged APsystems microinverters to bring the customer’s vision to life. Tyler Grange, owner/founder of Idahome Energy, emphasizes the role of APsystems microinverters, stating, “APsystems microinverters made the installation super easy. Even with the system’s unique design, the 2-1 micros made wire management a breeze!”

Idahome Energy selected APsystems microinverters for their ease of use and cost-effectiveness, enabling them to keep prices down for their customers. Additionally, Grange shares, “The new EMA installer app has made installation so much better and more efficient” The homeowners also appreciated the advanced features of APsystems microinverters. As Grange noted, “They like seeing the panel-to-level monitoring.”

“APsystems installer support has always been exceptional,” added Grange. “APsystems offers the same performance as some ‘big guys’ but at a much better price point that helps us win more projects with a lower price to customers.”

Congratulations to Idahome Energy for their outstanding achievement in the APsystems 2023 Solar Project of the Year Awards. Your commitment to delivering exceptional solar solutions, pushing the boundaries of design, and fostering sustainability is commendable.

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Spring Solar’s Immaculate Ground Mount


Third Place Winner in the APsystems 2023 Residential Solar Project of the Year Awards

Nestled in Hooper, Utah, a forward-thinking homeowner sought to harness the power of solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. With ample land at their disposal and a long-standing desire for solar they tapped Spring Solar, a family-owned and operated business based in Salt Lake County. What resulted was a groundbreaking solar solution supported by the highest quality microinverters from APsystems. The ground-mount solar system, comprising 36 panels with a capacity of 14.94 kW, earned praise from APsystems for its by-the-book sticker map and for being one of the cleanest ground mounts ever seen.

Sam Yeager, owner of Spring Solar, lauded APsystems microinverters for their ease of installation, commissioning, and monitoring, providing homeowners with peace of mind and exceptional value.

Yeager compared APsystems microinverters favorably against competitors, noting their superior yield and ease of installation. “The installation process is very similar, slightly quicker than Enphase, but just as easy,” he remarked. “The 2 for 1 is the perfect ratio, and commissioning is the easiest part vs competitors. Takes literally less than 5 minutes.”

The homeowner echoed Yeager’s sentiments, expressing delight in the monitoring capabilities of the system. “We love the monitoring, love having the peace of mind in seeing that all of my panels are working properly from the convenience of my phone,” they remarked.

Congratulations to Spring Solar on a job well done!

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Alaska Solar Achieves Over 6 Million kWh of Solar Power Generated with APsystems

Third Place Winner in the APsystems 2023 Commerical Solar Project of the Year Awards

Since its founding in 2016, Alaska Solar has emerged as the largest installer of grid-tied solar in Alaska, implementing projects in the residential, commercial, agricultural, and non-profit sectors. With Alaskans paying twice the national average for electricity, Alaska Solar is playing a pivotal role in helping their community move toward energy independence.

In the center of Fairbanks, you’ll find the Timber Creek Senior Living Center. Embarking on a journey towards sustainability, they tapped Alaska Solar to install over 100KW of solar energy to alleviate the substantial costs of operating a large facility.

Kipp Wilkinson, Project Manager at Alaska Solar, said, “The QT2 microinverters designed for three-phase power helped speed up this large project tremendously. The microinverter’s efficient output will ensure that every single panel produces at its maximum capacity. Additionally, the AC and DC extension kits allowed us to move away from any roof conduit, improving safety and installation efficiency.”

The successful completion of the Timber Creek project exemplifies Alaska Solar’s dedication to empowering communities with sustainable energy solutions. Through their collaborative efforts with APsystems, they continue to lead the charge toward a greener and more sustainable future for Alaska.

“The use of APsystems microinverters has been instrumental in our success,” Wilkinson emphasized. “Our clients have produced over 6 million KWH of solar in Alaska thanks to these innovative microinverters.”

Thank you, Alaska Solar, for being a dedicated partner of APsystems!


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Going All in on Solar: Vegas Solar’s Seamless Installation with APsystems Microinverters

Second Place Winner in the APsystems 2023 Residential Solar Project of the Year Awards

Vegas Solar recently completed an impressive residential installation in Las Vegas, featuring 108 solar modules paired with 54 APsystems DS3-S microinverters strategically positioned at the rear of the property. Overcoming challenges posed by utility restrictions on remote solar systems, Vegas Solar successfully connected the system to the service panel on the house through a 250-foot trench. In true Vegas fashion, they put on a show, completing the project in just 10 days.

Vegas Solar praised APsystems for providing the most efficient microinverter solution on the market. He noted that property owners are consistently impressed with the solar system’s production and the user-friendly interface for monitoring. In their own words: All of the property owners we have installed for are extremely impressed with the solar production and the app on their phones. They proudly display it when we meet with them.”

This installation exemplifies Vegas Solar’s dedication to delivering seamless solar solutions that maximize efficiency and provide property owners with tangible benefits. With APsystems microinverters, Vegas Solar continues to lead the way in providing reliable and effective solar energy solutions to residents of Las Vegas and beyond. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition!

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The Future is Bright: Apollo Solar’s Contribution to Russell County Public Library

Second Place Winner in the APsystems 2023 Commercial Solar Project of the Year Awards

Russell County Public Library in Jamestown, KY, has long harbored ambitions to incorporate solar energy to offset its environmental impact and promote sustainability in the community. After being awarded the EBSCO Solar Grant 2023, their dream became a reality, with Apollo Solar stepping in to help. Their personalized approach, expertise, and commitment to safety and education ensured the success of the installation.

Christopher Robinson, the owner of Apollo Solar LLC, embarked on his solar journey in 2019 and established Apollo Solar in 2021. With a passion for solar energy and a dedication to providing safe, reliable, and innovative solutions, Robinson has become a respected figure in the industry. He believes in the importance of educating clients and communities about the benefits of solar energy and goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. After the installation, he provided comprehensive training sessions for local fire departments and ensured detailed information about the system was readily available to library staff and emergency responders.

The Russell County Public Library solar project posed unique challenges, including intricate roof configurations and an unwavering emphasis on safety and reliability. Apollo Solar opted for APsystems QT2 microinverters due to their stellar performance, ease of installation, and advanced panel-level monitoring capabilities. Highlighting their effectiveness, Robinson noted, “No matter the pitch, angle, azimuth, or shading elements, APsystems microinverters give me confidence in the performance of each individual panel.”

Utilizing APsystems microinverters facilitated a seamless integration of the solar array while maintaining safety and efficiency. Robinson values the QT2s for their panel-level monitoring and shutdown features, which ensure safety for himself and his team, particularly during the maintenance of a large string of panels. The peace of mind these microinverters provide, both in terms of safety and client satisfaction, is a testament to their durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Robinson also commended APsystems, stating, “APsystems microinverters are a great product that will last for years, and any future maintenance is easy. It gives us peace of mind for our clients. We enjoy working with a company dedicated to their product and are excited to meet tomorrow’s demand.”

The Russell County Public Library’s solar installation serves as a sustainable energy solution and an educational tool for the community. Apollo Solar’s involvement in the project has garnered widespread recognition for its commitment to clean energy and safety. Robinson’s passion for solar energy anddedication to his clients make him a deserving recipient of this recognition.

We commend you, Apollo Solar, for your outstanding achievement in the APsystems 2023 Solar Project of the Year Awards.

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Shining Bright: Green Box Solar Lights Up Central Valley Machine

Green Box Solar: Winner of the APsystems 2023 Commercial Solar Project of the Year Award

Green Box Solar LLC, led by Owner Drew Michener, clinched the coveted title of the APsystems 2023 Commercial Solar Project of the Year for its impressive installation in Logan, Utah.

Central Valley Machine, a sprawling manufacturing facility spanning over 150,000 square feet, was the canvas for Green Box Solar’s latest triumph. Tasked with offsetting the energy consumption of this mammoth operation, Green Box Solar embarked on an ambitious venture, harnessing the power of sunlight to fuel Central Valley Machine’s operations and championed the ethos of clean, renewable energy in the heart of Utah’s manufacturing landscape.

With an impressive capacity of 810 kW, this project marked a significant milestone for Green Box Solar, showcasing its prowess in tackling large-scale commercial installations. Notably, the project utilized APsystems QT2 Microinverters, a pioneering choice that underlined Green Box Solar’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. Michener explains, “Installation and monitoring were all very familiar, thanks to the seamless integration of APsystems microinverters to a commercial system.”

Green Box Solar’s commitment to empowering home and business owners with solar solutions that are simple, hassle-free, and tailored to individual needs shines through in every project. With a team boasting over 25 years of collective expertise in solar design, sales, installation, and finance, Green Box Solar epitomizes accessibility and excellence in solar solutions. Congratulations!

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Downtown Seattle has the distinct privilege of being home to the world’s first high-rise apartment building given the highly coveted Net Zero designation by the International Living Future Institute, an achievement that would not be possible without the involvement of APsystems microinverters.

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