DS3 & QT2 APsystems Installer Training Webinars in October & November

APsystems conducts its DS3 & QT2 system installation training in 2 parts, covering microinverter installation, ECU commissioning and EMA. Installers should attend both parts for complete system training. Training is free for professional installers.


PART 1: DS3 Microinverter Installation – October 18th
Build a competitive advantage with the world’s most powerful dual microinverter. This training will cover the new DS3 microinverter product line, including the DS3, DS3-L and DS3-S. Attendees will learn the benefits and features of the DS3 series as well as tips and tricks to rapid installation, maximizing reliability and power production while minimizing returns to the job site.

PART 2: ECU-R Gateway Set Up and Commissioning, and EMA Walkthrough – October 19th
Learn the simple and convenient steps to ECU-R set up and commissioning, with an EMA installer portal walk-through. Installers will learn how to set up their customer’s gateway device to connect to the system and the internet, as well as the online EMA set up of customer accounts, site configuration and troubleshooting.


PART 1: QT2 Microinverter Installation – November 15th
Discover the advantages of the QT2 3-Phase microinverter for C&I applications. This training will cover the new QT2 microinverter product line, including the QT2-208V and QT2-480V. Attendees will learn the benefits of QT2 microinverters for commercial solar as well as tips and tricks for rapid installation.

PART 2: ECU-C + ECU-R Gateway Set Up and Commissioning, and EMA Walkthrough – November 16th
Learn the simple and convenient steps to ECU set up and commissioning, with an EMA installer portal walk-through. Installers will learn how to set up their customer’s gateway device to connect to the system and the internet, as well as the online EMA set up of customer accounts, site configuration and troubleshooting.


Attendees will also receive 1 NABCEP CE credit for each APsystems webinar they attend. Be sure to sign up for both events of this 2-part series!

APsystems unveils the QT2 series at RE+ International trade show



ANAHEIM, Calif.–APsystems, the global leader in multi-platform solar MLPE technology, unveils the QT2 series, a four-module, three-phase microinverter product line for commercial, industrial, and residential 3-phase solar applications at the RE+ International trade show in Anaheim, California.

“This powerful capability combined with intelligent firmware, built-in rapid shutdown compliance, and fast installation makes this a truly unique product in the marketplace.”

The second generation of APsystems’ best-selling 3-Phase quad microinverter, the QT2 comes in various models being launched in multiple global regions: 208Y/120V and 480Y/277V models in the U.S., 127/220V in Latin America, and 380V for Europe and Australia. The QT2 offers higher power output than the previous generation product; 1,800W (480V) and 1,728W (208V) in the U.S., and 2,000W in EU, LATAM and Australia markets.

The QT2 is ideal for use with four high-capacity commercial PV modules from 450W to 600W+, enabled with Reactive Power Control (RPC) and UL 1741 SA (CA Rule 21) compliant. With high DC input current support up to 20A, the QT2 has been engineered to pair with the highest-power modules available in the market today, including the increasingly popular 182/210 cell panels.

Developed by the power electronics design experts comprising APsystems’ engineering and R&D teams, the QT2 employs the latest breakthroughs in power inversion circuitry, semiconductor device technology, and high-speed communication, to deliver the high power and intelligent control needed within the commercial solar space.

“The QT2 series represents a significant breakthrough in solar panel current and power, power density, conversion capability,” said APsystems CTO Yuhao Luo. “This powerful capability combined with intelligent firmware, built-in rapid shutdown compliance, and fast installation makes this a truly unique product in the marketplace.”

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), little more than 1% of the commercial electricity demand in the United States is currently served by on-site solar. This represents a significant market opportunity for the QT2 product line by providing commercial property owners with all the benefits of module-level power electronics (MLPE) systems, including rapid shutdown compliance, a lower levelized cost of energy over the life of the system, and more effective energy production while also reducing installation time and costs to commercial solar installers.

QT2 Series microinverters offer the following features and benefits:

  • Native 3-Phase, 4-module microinverter
  • Designed to harness today’s high-capacity PV modules 400W to 600W+
  • 99.5% MPPT efficiency
  • Reactive Power Control (RPC) and UL 1741 SA (CA Rule 21) compliance, meeting interconnection requirements
  • Inherently compliant with NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements
  • Supports a high input current, up to 20A
  • More intelligent, streamlined architecture
  • Future-proof with remote upgradeability
  • 20% fewer components for increased reliability
  • Improved enclosure design and topology for better cooling at high temperatures
  • Encrypted Zigbee wireless for faster communication speed and enhanced system security

The QT2 series continues to build on the successful APsystems line of multi-module microinverters, offering reduced logistics costs, faster installation, improved communication and connection features, and a wide MPPT voltage range for greater energy harvest during low light conditions.

QT2 series microinverters will be on display at the APsystems stand #2838 at RE+ International, the largest trade show for solar energy in North America, September 20-22 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

Join APsystems at RE+ International 2022

APsystems invites you to stop by booth #2838 at this year’s RE+ International trade show in Anaheim, California to view its latest and greatest solar microinverter products, including the DS3, the most powerful dual-module microinverter in the world, and the QT2, our new four-module unit offering unprecedented power output in a three-phase microinverter. Both units utilize a 2.4GHz wireless Zigbee mesh network, providing enhanced data transmissions speeds up to three times faster than conventional powerline communication (PLC).

APsystems is also showcasing its APsmart brand of DC MLPE devices, including the dual module Rapid Shutdown Device (RSD-D) and Transmitter-PLC. Compliant with NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown and SunSpec certified, the RSD-D and Transmitter are an ideal solution for module-level rapid shutdown.

Stop by booth #2838 to see this latest product offering from APsystems and APsmart. We look forward to seeing you there!

APsystems to launch new QT2 3-Phase C&I microinverter at RE+ 2022

APsystems is introducing its new 3-Phase microinverter for C&I applications at this year’s RE+ International show. The new QT2 connects to up to 4 PV modules, is rapid shutdown and UL 1741 SA (CA Rule 21) compliant and comes in 1728W (208V) and 1800W (480V) output models, maximizing energy production while providing all the benefits of modular-level power systems (MLPE).

A new cooling topology allows the QT2 to reach unprecedented levels of high efficiency power conversion while embedded 2.4GHz ZigBee wireless communication provides high speed data transfer of production data. Solar installers can now offer their C&I customers all the benefits of MLPE in an easy-to-install, plug-and-play, native 3-Phase microinverter package.

APsystems U.S. Main Office Moved to Austin, Texas


AUSTIN, TX – June 13, 2022 – APsystems, the global leader in multi-platform solar MLPE devices, today announced it has moved its U.S. base of operations to Austin, Texas.

The new location, at 8701 North MoPac Expressway, Suite 160 in Austin, Texas, offers better proximity to customers nationwide and will serve as a central base of operations for APsystems’ U.S. business unit. Its previous location was in Seattle, Washington.

APsystems also welcomes experienced management executive Daniel Burke as Country Director for its U.S. business unit. Mr. Burke joins APsystems from Dalkia US, EDF Group, where he served as vice president of distributed generation sales and marketing. Prior to that, he held senior management roles at Aegis Energy Services, National Waste Associates, and Windsor Marketing Group. At APsystems, Mr. Burke will be responsible for U.S. top and bottom-line P&L, business operations management, organizational management and development, revenue and market share growth, and strategic alignment across all departments.

“While our success and growth in the U.S. has been strong, the solar market remains full of tremendous potential,” said Olivier Jacques, APsystems president of global business units and global executive vice-president. “The relocation of our U.S. main office to Austin, and the strategic hire of Daniel Burke, are foundational groundwork for the next stage of our growth and customer support in the U.S.”

APsystems continues to experience year-over-year growth in every major global market and recently passed the 2GW mark of installed capacity to date, and the 1-million-unit mark for RSD shipments under its APsmart brand. The firm will look to continue its growth trajectory with its newly introduced product line, the DS3 microinverter series, and its 3-phase offering, the QT2, arriving in the U.S. in Q3.

Summer DS3 Installer Training Webinars

APsystems conducts its DS3 system installation training in 2 parts, covering microinverter installation, ECU commissioning and EMA. Installers should attend both parts for complete system training. Training is free for professional installers.

Attend Part 1 & 2 on these dates:

June 14th and 15th
July 19th and 20th
August 16th and 17th
September 27th and 28th


2021 APsystems Project Awards *Finally* Announced

2021 was a remarkable year. And while we may be fashionably late in announcing our 2021 project awards, we are thankful for those who submitted entries of their APsystems projects. While it’s certainly true that a degree of the anticipation we felt as 2021 progressed was due to the feeling that we might’ve seen the worst of the health crisis, the year was also galvanizing because of the new spirit of optimism in the fight against climate change, most aptly represented by our new administration’s aggressive approach to finding solutions to the problem. For many, 2021 felt like it could be a turning point.

For APsystems leadership and staff at work, 2021 was also important because technological advances in our chosen field have been substantial (think building-integrated solar), because sales were brisk due to adoption of microinverter tech, and because remarkable designs from our clients were more the rule than the exception. To highlight the work of our clients, we held our annual project awards contest, and we received a huge number of entries.

Learn more about this project here

While every one of the entries we received for the 2021 project awards contest was worthy, and the decision-making was not easy, we eventually decided that Ontario solar specialist Kajk Constructors should be honored with our residential project design award for their Lakes Park Project, and that Indiana firm A.G. Technologies should take home our commercial award for their El Paso project on behalf of Beck’s Superior Hybrids. We congratulate Kajk Constructors and A.G. Technologies for their ongoing work in the field, and their imaginative and important work using APsystems microinverters. And we thank all the companies who chose to enter the running for the 2021 APsystems Project Awards.

Learn more about this project here

We would also like to thank all of our customers who made a difference in advancing the cause for solar power in 2021, and advocating for this financially and ecologically rewarding alternative energy source as it grows in popularity and moves toward mainstream acceptance.

The Lakes Park Project: A Versatile Design, an Artful Installation

Kajk Constructors, an Ontario company riding the lucrative wave of solar energy specialism, accepted the challenge of this difficult residential roof installation this year, and their inventive answer to what has become a nagging question during such installations earned them the 2021 APsystems residential award.

Kajk is a thoroughgoing solar firm, and the spirit of meaningful change and damn-the-torpedoes development in an emerging market is evident from a look at their portfolio and project approach. Green from stem to stern, they promote energy conservation throughout the build process, utilizing what might be termed holistic sustainability, a full-circle methodology that even incorporates a build envelope to lower a project’s carbon footprint.

For this project — called the Lakes Park Project — the Kajk team confronted that nagging question yet again: how does one reconcile optimal placement and the access forethought necessary for easy upkeep, updates and repair when dealing with a roof installation? They selected APsystems componentry to help them formulate an answer.

The team reported that the APsystems QS1 quad-unit microinverters were the hardware solution to that perennial installation question, allowing them to come up with a plan for an array that “maximizes energy production” while sandwiching the QS1 microinverters between the two layers of panels, “minimizing both the risk of damage to the panels, and the time spent on maintenance.”

We congratulate Kajk Constructors for their artful design, their abundant experience with solar array installations, their spirit of conservation and iconoclasm, and their ability to use the versatility designed into APsystems’ componentry to its full potential.

Learn more about other 2021 project winners here.

Diversifying and Proliferating Solar: Generosity and Innovation in El Paso, Illinois

APsystems had many worthy commercial entries for this year’s installation awards. But we must say that the winning project’s narrative is particularly complex and exciting. The elements of it are agriculture, North American-built panels, installer-designed proprietary and newly-patented components, and a substantial contingent of APsystems’ YC1000 inverters…all joined under the aegis of solar power.

The firm that took on the project, A.G. Technologies, is a beacon in the Illinois solar industry. Its guiding spirit, Jim Straeter, is familiar enough with the ecological and financial benefits of ‘following the sun’ to adopt it as a secular gospel. And its company sensibility is entirely in-house, with no subcontracting of project elements.

A.G. Technologies’ incorporation of micro-inverter units in their installations, and their use of North American-made panels, makes them both a premium installer and a profoundly meaningful influence in the field. The company that contracted the array, Beck’s Superior Hybrids, was familiar with A.G. Technologies before work began; the company already had three large systems up and running courtesy of A.G. when the El Paso site work launched. Like other forward-thinking companies, Beck’s is fully on board with the substantial economic and environmental rewards of using solar power for commercial operations.

The YC1000 inverters were tailor made for the A.G. Technologies El Paso project. Due to the unusually stout power capabilities of the unit, the A.G. team was able to conduct the installation without the use of transformers and connect directly to the grid; quoting Straeter, “Microinverters in general make designing a project easy and the per-panel reporting makes post-install maintenance much less costly, and improves up-time of the project.” Additionally, the YC1000’s 480v design keeps wire size costs manageable, resulting in considerable savings.

In the end, the Beck’s Superior Hybrids El Paso location employed 30 arrays with 26 Hanwha Q Cell 430w Duo panels, each array using 9 APsystems YC1000 inverters. And a special shout-out to A.G. and their proprietary designs, which were used to facilitate the project and improve performance: the patented Solarcam™ stand that supports each panel, and the side-mount trencher that makes installation safer, faster and cheaper.

We give three cheers to A.G. Technologies and Jim Straeter for their generosity of spirit, their gift for invention in creating the right tool, their advocacy for solar power as a direct competitor of utility-based power, and their remarkable innovation.

Learn more about other 2021 project winners here.

APsystems to Showcase New DS3 Microinverters at RE+ Texas

APsystems will be bringing its microinverters to RE+ Texas this week in San Antonio. On display will be the new DS3 series, the world’s most powerful dual-module microinverter. The DS3 microinverter line from APsystems leads the industry in dual-module power output to harness the peak performance of today’s high-capacity PV modules. DS3-S and DS3-L models are designed to maximize the output on each residential circuit for up to 60% more AC output per channel than conventional microinverters.

Stop by booth #128 at Re+ Texas in San Antonio, April 21-22 to see these innovative products and meet the APsystems team.

More details about the show here