303 Battery: When the global benchmark for sustainability is a Net Zero

APsystems Project Award Commercial Winner – Sustainable Living Innovations with Adkisson Electric

The Belltown district in downtown Seattle is the city’s most densely populated neighborhood. Known for its vibrant nightlife, it boasts some of the area’s best restaurants, galleries, and music venues. It now also has the distinct privilege of being home to the world’s first high rise apartment building given the highly coveted Net Zero designation by ILFI (International Living Future Institute). 

Designed and built by Sustainable Living Innovations, the fifteen story building is unironically located on Battery Street and represents the pinnacle of sustainable architecture and design. Sustainable Living Innovations uses its patented building technology, which incorporates all necessary mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure into wall panels that are fabricated off-site to specification. Once the wall panels are completed, they are delivered to the project site and placed, much like legos, on the building’s steel frame. This process has huge benefits including an accelerated time to market, as delays due to PNW weather are no longer a factor, as well as much less material and labor force waste when compared to traditional construction methods. 

The largest contributor to the energy savings is the use of 622 solar panels, expertly installed by Adkisson Electric, which adorn a large section of the building’s facade as well as the rooftop terrace and balconies. Using over 300 YC600 microinverters from APsystems and in conjunction with a combination of PV panels from QCell and Lumos, the on-site solar array generates roughly 210k kilowatt hours annually. The microinverters also come equipped with power factor control capability which allows for power factor adjustment according to utility, transformer, or battery requirements from the building’s energy storage system.

Making up the difference are several other energy saving systems that include a DC low voltage lighting system and a waste heat recovery system from SHARC that pulls heat from hot gray water and converts it back into energy that is then stored for future use.

The 303 Battery building is truly one of a kind but with Sustainable Living Innovations lighting the way, we can be sure it won’t stay that way for long. 

APsystems is very proud to award the APsystems Commercial Project of the Year for 2023 to Sustainable Living Innovations with Adkisson Electric for their revolutionary 303 Battery project!


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