The Future is Bright: Apollo Solar’s Contribution to Russell County Public Library

Second Place Winner in the APsystems 2023 Commercial Solar Project of the Year Awards

Russell County Public Library in Jamestown, KY, has long harbored ambitions to incorporate solar energy to offset its environmental impact and promote sustainability in the community. After being awarded the EBSCO Solar Grant 2023, their dream became a reality, with Apollo Solar stepping in to help. Their personalized approach, expertise, and commitment to safety and education ensured the success of the installation.

Christopher Robinson, the owner of Apollo Solar LLC, embarked on his solar journey in 2019 and established Apollo Solar in 2021. With a passion for solar energy and a dedication to providing safe, reliable, and innovative solutions, Robinson has become a respected figure in the industry. He believes in the importance of educating clients and communities about the benefits of solar energy and goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. After the installation, he provided comprehensive training sessions for local fire departments and ensured detailed information about the system was readily available to library staff and emergency responders.

The Russell County Public Library solar project posed unique challenges, including intricate roof configurations and an unwavering emphasis on safety and reliability. Apollo Solar opted for APsystems QT2 microinverters due to their stellar performance, ease of installation, and advanced panel-level monitoring capabilities. Highlighting their effectiveness, Robinson noted, “No matter the pitch, angle, azimuth, or shading elements, APsystems microinverters give me confidence in the performance of each individual panel.”

Utilizing APsystems microinverters facilitated a seamless integration of the solar array while maintaining safety and efficiency. Robinson values the QT2s for their panel-level monitoring and shutdown features, which ensure safety for himself and his team, particularly during the maintenance of a large string of panels. The peace of mind these microinverters provide, both in terms of safety and client satisfaction, is a testament to their durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Robinson also commended APsystems, stating, “APsystems microinverters are a great product that will last for years, and any future maintenance is easy. It gives us peace of mind for our clients. We enjoy working with a company dedicated to their product and are excited to meet tomorrow’s demand.”

The Russell County Public Library’s solar installation serves as a sustainable energy solution and an educational tool for the community. Apollo Solar’s involvement in the project has garnered widespread recognition for its commitment to clean energy and safety. Robinson’s passion for solar energy anddedication to his clients make him a deserving recipient of this recognition.

We commend you, Apollo Solar, for your outstanding achievement in the APsystems 2023 Solar Project of the Year Awards.

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