Uniting Patriotism and Power: Idahome Energy’s Flag-Roof Solar Project

Idahome Energy: Winner of the APsystems 2023 Residential Solar Project of the Year Award

In Eagle, Idaho, a testament to patriotism and sustainability stands tall: a flag-like solar installation by Idahome Energy. Winner of the APsystems 2023 Residential Category, this project embodies the spirit of American pride and demonstrates the power of renewable energy to illuminate a brighter future. Driven by a desire to showcase their patriotism, the customer entrusted Idahome Energy with a unique challenge. “We wanted a system that would not only power our home but also serve as a beacon of pride for our community.”

Idahome Energy, a leading solar company in Boise, ID, with more than 25 years of combined experience, rose to the occasion, designing a 23.87 kW DC (19.84 kW AC) array that leveraged APsystems microinverters to bring the customer’s vision to life. Tyler Grange, owner/founder of Idahome Energy, emphasizes the role of APsystems microinverters, stating, “APsystems microinverters made the installation super easy. Even with the system’s unique design, the 2-1 micros made wire management a breeze!”

Idahome Energy selected APsystems microinverters for their ease of use and cost-effectiveness, enabling them to keep prices down for their customers. Additionally, Grange shares, “The new EMA installer app has made installation so much better and more efficient” The homeowners also appreciated the advanced features of APsystems microinverters. As Grange noted, “They like seeing the panel-to-level monitoring.”

“APsystems installer support has always been exceptional,” added Grange. “APsystems offers the same performance as some ‘big guys’ but at a much better price point that helps us win more projects with a lower price to customers.”

Congratulations to Idahome Energy for their outstanding achievement in the APsystems 2023 Solar Project of the Year Awards. Your commitment to delivering exceptional solar solutions, pushing the boundaries of design, and fostering sustainability is commendable.

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