Alaska Solar Achieves Over 6 Million kWh of Solar Power Generated with APsystems

Third Place Winner in the APsystems 2023 Commerical Solar Project of the Year Awards

Since its founding in 2016, Alaska Solar has emerged as the largest installer of grid-tied solar in Alaska, implementing projects in the residential, commercial, agricultural, and non-profit sectors. With Alaskans paying twice the national average for electricity, Alaska Solar is playing a pivotal role in helping their community move toward energy independence.

In the center of Fairbanks, you’ll find the Timber Creek Senior Living Center. Embarking on a journey towards sustainability, they tapped Alaska Solar to install over 100KW of solar energy to alleviate the substantial costs of operating a large facility.

Kipp Wilkinson, Project Manager at Alaska Solar, said, “The QT2 microinverters designed for three-phase power helped speed up this large project tremendously. The microinverter’s efficient output will ensure that every single panel produces at its maximum capacity. Additionally, the AC and DC extension kits allowed us to move away from any roof conduit, improving safety and installation efficiency.”

The successful completion of the Timber Creek project exemplifies Alaska Solar’s dedication to empowering communities with sustainable energy solutions. Through their collaborative efforts with APsystems, they continue to lead the charge toward a greener and more sustainable future for Alaska.

“The use of APsystems microinverters has been instrumental in our success,” Wilkinson emphasized. “Our clients have produced over 6 million KWH of solar in Alaska thanks to these innovative microinverters.”

Thank you, Alaska Solar, for being a dedicated partner of APsystems!


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