A letter to our solar partners: APS becomes APsystems

It’s been just six years since APS was a Silicon Valley startup – and how far we’ve come in that short time. Founded with the goal of bringing the most advanced microinverter technology to the solar PV market, we’ve passed one milestone after another en route to ranking no. 2 in global market share among top microinverter suppliers by shipments in 2013 (source: GTM Research). Last year was even stronger still.

And we’re not slowing down – demand for our microinverter line is growing month over month in all markets. As we look toward even greater achievements on the horizon, we’re pausing just long enough to reflect on who we are and what we’re about.

With that reflection comes a refinement of our brand: APS will become APsystems.

The new trade name highlights our commitment to powerful alternative energy solutions, and our evolution from a product-oriented portfolio to a whole-systems innovator. The phrase “Altenergy Power,” a nod to the company’s original legal name, will appear beneath APsystems in our new mark.

The new name will launch August 31st. With the brand refinement, we’re also launching a new website, apsystems.com, an online nexus for our worldwide operations with links to offices in each regional market. We hope you’ll visit the site and see the APsystems big picture.

What’s next? Big things. We’re making a strong push into new markets worldwide, and rolling out even more powerful solutions to accommodate new and emerging technologies. Expect more announcements throughout the coming year.

Our name has changed, but our values are the same. We remain passionate about solar power and advancing our clean, renewable energy future. We offer maximum value to customers through excellence of products, pricing and support. Honesty, professionalism and teamwork define our company. Add them up, and we believe an informed customer will always choose APsystems.

We’re excited about this moment, and we want to share the news with our valued solar partners like you. We look forward to a bright future together.


Kindest regards,

Andrew Lonseth
President, U.S. Operations

Inc. 500/5000-honored solar distributor SimpleRay adds APS microinverter line


apsystems-simpleraySEATTLE – Three-time Inc. 5000-honored solar distributor SimpleRay has added the APS microinverter line to its product offerings.

Driven by the maxim “We simplify solar,” SimpleRay offers a full range of solar products and services including PV system design (grid tied and battery based), end-to-end project management, and financing.

The St. Paul, Minn.-based company (www.simpleray.com) is a three-time Inc. 5000 honoree, and has ranked No. 318 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in the USA. It ranked No. 12 among top renewable energy companies as determined by Inc. Magazine, and fifth among all companies in its home state.

SimpleRay was founded by Geoff Stenrick in 2007, with the goal of giving solar installers a better distribution experience. The company serves small and mid-sized installers throughout the Midwest, offering product and system-design expertise and a consultative sales approach.

“We want to make sure we have the best products on hand to match each installer’s projects,” said Stenrick, SimpleRay president and CEO. “APS fits in well with our philosophy by offering low-cost, well established microinverters. They’re easy to design with, and fit our customers’ needs well. They’re a great fit for us overall.”

Thomas Nelson, APS vice president of sales, USA, hailed the extension of the APS brand in the Great Lakes region in a year of strong installer demand nationwide.

“SimpleRay has built their business by providing very high quality service to installers,” Nelson said. “That’s an outstanding match for APS and our own focus on providing the best products and top value for our installation partners.”

APS is currently offering A+ Rewards, an industry-best rebate program for installers. The program offers up to $15 back per microinverter purchased from participating distributors through Sept. 30, 2015, with additional incentives for first-time installers; see www.apsamerica.com for details.

APS flagship products include the YC500, a powerful dual-module microinverter, and the YC1000 true 3-phase unit, purpose-designed for commercial applications and offering an unprecedented 1:4 microinverter-to-module ratio to lower system costs.

Both units will be offered by SimpleRay through its distribution channels.

APS was founded in Silicon Valley in 2009, and is now a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of microinverters based on their own proven, leading-edge solar technology. APS’ USA operations are based in Seattle.

APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among top microinverter suppliers by shipment in 2013 (source: GTM Research).

For information on SimpleRay solar distribution, see www.simpleray.com.

APS EMA App now available for iPhone, iPad

EMA-app-imageThe APS Energy Monitoring and Analysis App is now available for iPhone and iPad.

The EMA App allows APS microinverter system owners to track solar array performance in real time through their iOS mobile device.

See system output by day, month, year and lifetime of the array, and calculate energy savings based on price per kilowatt hour.

The app also displays environmental savings in gallons of gasoline, trees and carbon emissions.

All data is displayed through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

The APS EMA App is available for iOS devices through the Apple iTunes App Store. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later required and offers English and simplified Chinese language support.

Click here to download the EMA App user manual.

National Solar Distributors offers APS microinverter line across Canada market

apsystems-national-solarEdmonton, Alberta-based National Solar Distributors now offers the APS advanced solar microinverter line to PV installers across Canada.

National Solar serves all of Canada from Vancouver Island to the Maritimes, with an emphasis on the western provinces.

The company is a full-service stocking PV distributor, offering modules, mounting solutions, inverters, and balance-of-system components, as well as equipment for off-grid systems of all sizes.

National Solar will offer the APS line as its exclusive microinverter solution.

“APS has the perfect mix of reliability, price and service as a vendor,” said Matthew Lisac, National Solar director of operations. “Our installers love the ease and speed of installation, and not having to worry about messy and expensive cables. Our goal is to make APS the No. 1 microinverter in Canada.”

National Solar was founded in 2014 by Lisac and Matthew Lannigan. With more than 20 years’ combined experience in the PV and electrical industries, the pair bring expertise in systems and support to Canada’s growing solar industry.

“We are the friendly, service-oriented distributor with a focused approach to products,” Lisac said. “That means we can offer great products at competitive prices.”

The agreement extends the APS microinverter line’s reach in a Canada solar market that is just hitting stride. The province of Ontario has been a solar hot spot for some years, Lisac said, with Alberta tabbed as the country’s next breakout regional market.

“But every province has great potential, including our northern territories,” Lisac said. “Solar has grown organically in most of the country, so when grid-parity arrives and demand skyrockets, there will be a plethora of professional, experienced installers ready to do their part.”

Ryan Simpson, APS USA senior director of business development, welcomed the opportunity to bring APS microinverter technology to more customers in North America, after excellent response from installers across the U.S.

“Canada is clearly poised to see tremendous growth in consumer-level renewable energy,” Simpson said. “As a global leader in solar innovation, APShas the most forward-thinking microinverter solutions for this emerging marketplace.”

APS flagship products include the YC500, a powerful dual-module microinverter, and the YC1000 true 3-phase unit, purpose-designed for commercial applications and offering an unprecedented 1:4 microinverter-to-module ratio.

Both units are now offered by National Solar Distributors through their sales website, www.nationalsolar.ca.

Vote for APS at SPW

Solar Power World Online is now sponsoring its 2015 Leadership In Solar Power awards, and well, we’d like your vote.

Cast a ballot for APS, the global leader in solar microinverter innovation, at the SPW Online site – here’s the link.

We’re committed to making tomorrow’s solar technology available today, and proud of a microinverter line that’s changing the game for microinverter applications worldwide.

Thanks for following APS, and for considering a vote for us in the SPW Leadership awards.

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Solar carports help Fresno country club get on the green

Broad, flat, and just as suited to soaking up sunlight as shading whatever’s underneath, carports have emerged as popular platforms for solar arrays.

You might think of them as the logical evolution of ground-mount PV systems: taller, and dual purpose.

For members of the Fort Washington Golf and Country Club in Fresno, Calif., shaded parking is a welcome side-benefit of an ambitious new solar program.


Hogi Selling IV, Valley Unique Electric/Solar Universe president, and Fort Washington Country Club’s new solar carports in Fresno, Calif.

The club recently added six solar carports next to its driving range, the largest offering about 20,000 square feet of productive roof space.

Throw in an existing shed now covered with modules, and the new array totals 36,000 square feet –- about eight-tenths of an acre of glistening solar.

The 529kW system supports the power needs of the Fort Washington clubhouse and operations across the sprawling 18-hole layout.

“This is really forward thinking on the part of the club board,” said Dan Stockton, a retired college football coach and longtime Fort Washington member. “I hope some of the other area clubs will take a look at what we’ve done. It’s a good deal.”

The system was designed and installed by Solar Universe, the PV arm of longtime Fresno contractor Valley Unique Electrical. The company has offered electrical services and industrial-commercial construction management in the Central Valley, Bay Area, Nevada and Central Coast markets across four continuous generations dating back to 1924.

The country club first considered a simple ground-mount array, but Hogi Selling IV, Valley Unique Electrical president and six-year club member, steered the club board toward an advanced carport system through a design-build contract.

The elevated array preserves aesthetics on the picturesque course, an oasis of rolling fairways and swaying palms and eucalyptus trees in the burning San Joaquin Valley.

“The project itself is difficult, but we’re well versed in putting carports up with solar,” Selling said. “The measure of success for us is obviously leaving the end user with what we said we would provide them with, and as long as the energy bills come back annually based on our proposal, everything’s good.”

Designer Jared Paniagua chose SunEdison modules and APS YC1000 microinverters for the 3-phase system. Across the seven rooftops, 429 APS microinverters serve nearly 1,700 modules.

Paniagua also used APS 3-phase microinverters for a recent 85kW ground-mount system powering agricultural pumps at a Fresno-area dairy.

“We use APS religiously on all our commercial projects,” Paniagua said. “(The competing brand’s) trunk cable is very expensive, their splice kits get very expensive, and the one-to-one microinverter-to-module ratio drives costs up. Whereas with the YC1000 and its 1:4 ratio, that’s a real advantage.”

The Fort Washington Country Club solar carport project used APsystems YC1000 3-phase microinverters. The 529 kW system used 429 APsystems microinverters to serve 1,760 SunEdison 320W modules.

The Fort Washington Country Club solar carport project used APS YC1000 3-phase microinverters. The 529 kW system used 429 APS microinverters to serve 1,760 SunEdison 320W modules.

The Fort Washington project reflects a strong market for commercial and carport installations in the Fresno area.

Value Unique Electric/Solar Universe offers solar carports as an integrated package, and Paniagua has designed installations ranging in scale from 25kW to 2 megawatts.

“It’s easier to install on something designed for the extra weight and size of the PV system than to retrofit,” he said. “The designs vary based on the engineer and contractor erecting the structure. It’s a fairly simple process and one that works well for us.”


 It’s all in the swing

Founded in 1923, Fort Washington Golf and Country Club is the oldest private course in the Fresno area.

Membership is currently topped out at the club capacity of 425, “with more people kicking to get in,” said Larry Wapner, club president and 30-year member.

The club has produced top-flight golfers familiar to any follower of the professional circuit. Fred Couples and Mark O’Meara both earned their tour cards on the course, renowned for its challenging hilly layout.

“You wouldn’t think we’d have hills in Fresno, but there are a lot of hills back there,” said Bob Fries, a club member since 1969 who, at age 85, is still considered to have the best swing among a group of retired Fresno City College athletics coaches who frequent the course.

On a recent morning, unfazed by the clatter of carport construction over his shoulder, Fries launched one ball after another down the range, each shot straight and true.

“It doesn’t take muscle,” Fries said, smiling, as his buddies looked on with respect. “I haven’t got any muscle left.”

Adding solar to the popular course had been in discussion for about three years, Wapner said, before Valley Unique Electric/Solar Universe produced the winning design and bid.

The issue was decided by a vote of the club membership, who would have to assess themselves to cover the cost. Support was overwhelming.

Dan Stockton, Len Bourdet and Bob Fries, all longtime Fort Washington Country Club members, meet at the driving range several times a week. The club’s new solar carports (in the background) offer shaded parking while generating power for the club.

Dan Stockton, Len Bourdet and Bob Fries, all longtime Fort Washington Country Club members, meet at the driving range several times a week. The club’s new solar carports (in the background) offer shaded parking while generating power for the club.

“It’s just a big plus,” Wapner said, looking ahead to the dramatic savings in energy costs projected by designer/installer Valley Unique Electric. “In six to 10 years, it’s going to put us in great financial shape, and that’s why we did it. It’s for the future.”

As a bonus, more than 80 parking spaces are now shaded from the punishing valley sun. Club members previously dueled over the handful of spaces shaded by trees, but then had to contend with pitch and debris on their vehicles.

Now they duel for the coveted carport spots.

“If you take a look at the parking we have today, the available spots are all in the sun,” Wapner said. “We expected that. The good thing is we were able to afford to build a (solar) structure that works as a carport. Now we’ve definitely got shade from the sun and exposure to weather.”

Project: Fort Washington Country Club
Location: Fresno, Calif.
Designer/installer: Valley Unique Electric/Solar Universe
Modules: SunEdison 320W
No. of modules: 1,760
Microinverters: APS YC1000 true 3-phase
No. of microinverters: 429
System capacity: 529 kW

Information: www.valleyunique.com, www.fortwashingtoncc.org

Midwest distributor AFP Power to carry APS solar microinverter line

apsystems-AFPAFP Power solar distributors will carry the APS microinverter line exclusively, in a new partnership between the companies.

St. Louis, Mo.-based AFP (American Family Place) Power was founded in 2013 with a mission of supplying quality solar products sourced from Tier 1 (greater than 300MW) supply chains from the USA, China, Germany, Japan and Taiwan.

The company offers a variety of high-quality solar product and integrated solutions, for applications ranging from rooftop to off-grid and marine use.

Complete installation kits featuring APS microinverter products will be offered through the company’s distribution website, www.afp-power.com.

“Our customers will be impressed by the value APS microinverters offer versus other brands,” said Willis He, AFP Power president. “The price per watt is significantly lower, as are balance of system costs. And with their remarkable ease of installation, APS offers a truly ‘plug and power’ solution.”

AFP Power founder He is well known throughout the U.S. and international solar industry. He previously served as CEO of China Sunenergy’s North American operations, and is a former Solar Energy Industries Association board member. He has also held an executive post with MEMC/SunEdison.

Thomas Nelson, APS USA Vice President of Sales, welcomed AFP Power to the APS microinverter distribution network.

“AFP Power is in the vanguard among outstanding low-cost solar distributors,” Nelson said. “Like APS, they’re driven by a commitment to a greener world and making solar technology available to consumers across the spectrum.”

APS flagship products include the YC500, a powerful dual-module microinverter, and the YC1000 true 3-phase unit, purpose-designed for commercial applications and offering an unprecedented 1:4 microinverter-to-module ratio.

APS was founded in Silicon Valley in 2009, and is now a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of microinverters based on their own proven, leading-edge solar technology. APS USA, representing APS in the U.S. market, is based in Seattle.

APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among top microinverter suppliers by shipment in 2013 (source: GTM Research).

For information on AFP Power solar distribution and services, see www.afp-power.com.

For information on APS microinverter products, see www.usa.apsystems.com.

The PowerStore adds APS solar microinverter line

APS microinverters will be distributed by The PowerStore, a top-tier solar wholesaler.

The PowerStore offers a full line of renewable energy products including solar microinverters, modules, storage solutions and related equipment.

The company is based in Alvarado, Texas, with an overseas office in Glasgow, UK, under the CCL Components Ltd. banner.

apsystems-tps“We are very excited about the opportunity of adding the APS microinverters to our current portfolio,” said Jim White, The PowerStore president. “They give our customers a very good option for individual module power optimization, along with inherently complying with the upcoming NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown requirements.”

White founded The PowerStore in 2010 after more than 30 years in the power electronics industry, with experience ranging from initial design and manufacture to supplying some of the world’s largest OEM companies.

The PowerStore is now a Tier 1 direct Authorized Distributor for most of the leading solar manufacturers. The company maintains U.S. offices in Texas and North Carolina, and supplies customers throughout North and Central America.

The customer-focused distributor gives priority service to every account regardless of size, White said, and advises customers throughout the process from initial solar product specification to successful installation.

Paul Barlock, APS America Senior Vice President, welcomed The PowerStore to the APS distribution fold.

“The PowerStore has established a high profile among solar distributors in a short time,” Barlock said. “They’re a professional outfit, and aligned with our own commitment to offering the best solar solutions at competitive pricing.”

APS flagship products include the YC500, a powerful dual-module microinverter, and the YC1000 true 3-phase unit, purpose-designed for commercial applications and offering an unprecedented 1:4 microinverter-to-module ratio to significantly lower BOS costs.

For information on The PowerStore solar distributors, see www.thepowerstore.com.

APS USA VP Barlock featured panelist at GTM Solar Summit


April 2, 2015

Seattle: APS USA Senior Vice President Paul Barlock will be a featured panelist at the GTM Solar Summit, April 14-16 in Phoenix.

Barlock will appear in a panel discussion on “Dynamics in the Distributed PV Inverter Market,” beginning at 2:15 p.m. April 15.

The panel will be moderated by MJ Shiao, director of solar research for GTM Research.

“This is an exciting time to be in solar, especially the fast-growing microinverter segment,” Barlock said. “I look forward to sharing insights with the panel and audience, and discussing how microinverter technology has so dramatically changed the PV installation landscape.”


APS is sponsoring the day’s second track of presentations under the broad theme of PV Inverter Advancement.

Barlock has been a senior sales and marketing executive in power electronics firms ranging from startups to large multinational corporations, including Alpha Technologies, TDI and Advance Power. His work experience has been in custom power supply design, UPS, telecom power, cable TV backup power, and most recently in renewable energy.

He holds an undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Boston College. He also holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the USMC (retired).

APS is a global leader providing advanced, powerful solar microinverter technology for residential and commercial systems. The APS solution combines highly efficient power inversion with a user-friendly monitoring interface for reliable, intelligent energy.

APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among top microinverter suppliers by shipment in 2013 (source: GTM Research).

Powered by the research and economic analysis of GTM Research’s team, the GTM Solar Summit brings together major players from throughout the solar sphere.

This year’s event at the Wigwam Resort in Phoenix includes panel discussions and debates among the industry’s top thought leaders, and an interactive polling session to let attendees see how their views measure up against the experts.

For information on the GTM Solar Summit, see www.greentechmedia.com.



APS Commercial Project of the Year AWARD WINNER: tenKsolar, DAR Constitution Hall installation, Washington, D.C.

The Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall is the largest concert space in Washington, D.C., and one of the most revered buildings in the nation’s capital.

Bringing solar to this National Historic Landmark Building posed an exceptional challenge: any renovation or addition would have to preserve the architectural integrity of the structure – including the roof.

TenKsolar and installer Standard Solar met the challenge with the proprietary REFLECT PV system, which includes APS YC500 microinverters.

For this outstanding application of APS microinverter technology atop one of the nation’s landmark buildings, tenKsolar has earned the APS Project of the Year Award for commercial applications.

“We salute tenKsolar for what is truly a showcase solar installation,” said Paul Barlock, APS Senior Vice President. “Constitution Hall holds a special place among our nation’s historic buildings, and we’re very honored that tenKsolar and APsystems could help preserve and enhance it.”


Built in 1929, the DAR Constitution Hall sits just off the National Mall a short distance from the White House. Half a million visitors enjoy performances in the spectacular concert setting each year.

Standard Solar’s structural engineering report revealed the building’s roof could not support the original legacy solar array they had designed, and the limited roof space would make installation of standard inverters and AC equipment exceedingly difficult.

Needing a better solution, they turned to tenK to provide a PV system that could match the original system’s energy production at a lower weight. Not only did the REFLECT PV System provide the low-weight array the building required, it produces more DC energy in the same roof area.

The Constitution Hall ended up with a larger, and lighter sys­tem, maximizing the DAR organization’s solar investment, and preserving the national landmark building for years to come.

The array, completed in June 2014, has a 69.29 kW capacity. Annual production for the concert hall is projected to be nearly 1.1 megawatt.

APS YC500 microinverters are integral to the REFLECT PV module system, built by tenKsolar in Minneapolis, Minn.

“We’re very proud to bring solar to this beautiful landmark building in our nation’s capital, and to showcase both tenK and APS technology in the project,” said Joel Cannon, tenKsolar CEO. “This project shows that our technology can overcome space and weight issues to bring solar to even challenging, historic structures.”

For more information, on the tenKsolar REFLECT PV system, see www.tenksolar.com.

See more photos of the project here.