WEBINAR: Using Microinverters in Commercial Projects

Next Thursday, April 30th, APsystems is hosting a webinar on using microinverters in a commercial environment. This webinar will cover the benefits and how-to for APsystems microinverter offering and why they are a great option for commercial solar projects.

Attendees to this webinar will learn:

  • Learn best practices for installing multi-module microinverters on commercial rooftops
  • Understand the significant benefits of microinverters in commercial applications
  • Hear what it takes to design a commercial system with microinverters, including 3-phase applications
  • Discuss real-life applications and examples
  • Understand the communication and remote monitoring advantages of using microinverters

Chris Barrett, senior director of technical support, will go into detail on the installation of APsystems microinverters in commercial applications as well as outline the benefits regarding safety, rapid shutdown compliance, system monitoring, higher energy harvest, reliability, system expansion and a variety of other reasons behind the popularity of its microinverters in the commercial MLPE marketplace.

Join us for next Thursday at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST and check out our webinar page  to see all the other helpful webinars was have available.

WEBINAR: 10 Critical Things Every Solar Installer Should be Doing Right Now

Join APsystems for this special event webinar just for solar installers. This webinar is intended to be a helpful checklist of the key things all solar installers should be doing during the COVID Crisis to both weather the current challenges and to prepare for what happens next. The webinar will include everything from training to tools, careers and credits as well as cover the government assistance programs for small businesses like those of many solar installers.

Join us next Tuesday at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST for this helpful and timely webinar. You can learn more about this and other APsystems webinar events on our webinar page.

APsystems webinar series expanded

Helpful webinars offered throughout the month of April

APsystems’ April webinar series has already had over 1,000 registrations (thank you!) and we’re now offering even more dates and new content throughout the rest of the month.

Click here to check out all upcoming webinars.

Next week, we’re offering a timely new webinar series providing the basics on the APsystems platform, what sets it apart from competing systems, tip in tricks on how to streamline your installation, and best of all, how to save money using APsystems products.

The webinar series continues throughout April with Parts 1 and 2 on our installation training being offered again next week due to popularity. The PART 1 webinar: QS1, YC600 and YC1000 microinverter installation with time and cost-saving tips, will take place on Tuesday, April 21st at 10am PST/1pm EST. The PART 2 webinar: ECU set up and commissioning with EMA walkthrough, will take place on Thursday, April 23rd at 10am PST/1pm EST.

Plus 3 lucky winners from each webinar will win a free ECU gateway from APsystems! Join us to learn how APsystems can save you time and money and look for our additional webinars to be announced next week. We look forward to seeing you online!

APsystems webinar series helps installers reduce costs

Looking to save cost on every solar installation? APsystems’ solar solution is 10-20% less expensive than conventional microinverters and can be installed by a single crew member!

Join APsystems for it’s helpful and timely new webinar series providing the basics on the APsystems platform, what sets it apart from competing systems, tip in tricks on how to streamline your installation, and best of all, how to save money using APsystems products.

The webinar series takes place in April, beginning with the first two webinars—a two-part series on APsystems microinverter installation, ECU set up and an EMA walkthrough. The first webinar, PART 1: QS1, YC600 and YC1000 microinverter installation with time and cost-saving tips, will take place on Tuesday, April 14th and Wednesday, April 15th at 1pm PST/4pm EST. The second webinar, PART 2: ECU set up and commissioning with EMA walkthrough. will take place on Thursday, April 16th at 10am PST/1pm EST.

Plus 3 lucky winners from each webinar will win a free ECU gateway from APsystems! Join us to learn how APsystems can save you time and money and look for our additional webinars to be announced for April. We look forward to seeing you online!


Attendees will also receive 1 NABCEP CE credit for each APsystems webinar they attend. Be sure to sign up for both events of this 2-part series!

Install APsystems with a single crew member

Thanks to APsystems’ microinverter compatibility, light weight, reduced installation time and built-in rapid shutdown compliance, APsystems products can be easily installed by a single crew member of your team.
We have all had to make significant adjustments to both our work and personal lives, and this includes keeping a safe and healthy distance from others. This makes working together to installer a solar system on a job site difficult for most platforms–but not all. All APsystems equipment can be installed by a single crew member.

This makes solar installation still possible for installers who have jobs they need to complete. Many conventional systems, such as string inverters, can require the lifting and mounting of an inverter by two or more individuals. With APsystems, a single crew member can put in the entire system without assistance.

APsystems microinverters each weigh just a few pounds, cabling can easily be placed and connections made by a single installer, and the ECU set up can be done in a snap with one crew member and a smartphone.

For more information on how to install APsystems to take advantage of this benefit, we encourage you to attend our upcoming webinars.


Diamond Sponsor APsystems offers training at NABCEP

UPDATE: This event has been postponed by NABCEP out of an abundance of caution due to coronavirus concerns. Please see NABCEP’s announcement for further information.  New Dates are Monday, July 6 thru Thursday, July 9, 2020


APsystems is offering installer training and sponsoring the Networking After Party at the NABCEP Continuing Education Conference 2020, March 16-19 in St. Charles, Missouri.

Chris Barrett, APsystems Senior Director of Technical Support, will be conducting training on “Next-gen multi-module microinverters to reduce installation costs.” APsystems has been approved by NABCEP to confer continuing education credits on its training.

APsystems also invites attendees to join us at two additional events happening around the conference. Join us at our booth from 3-5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17th for a Happy Hour event courtesy of RENVU. Then join us the following evening, Wednesday, March 18th at 8:30 p.m., for a night of duelling pianos, cocktails, socializing and fun at the Networking After Party being held at Quintessential Dining & Nightlife. Be sure to stop by our booth #20/21 to get your ticket to the After Party before they run out!

APsystems is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor and exhibitor at this year’s conference! In addition to valuable training, attendees will have an opportunity to see the latest and greatest products from APsystems and ask questions of our team members.

To register for the seminar, installers can log into their NABCEP profile and choose the training session offered by APsystems. See more information about the conference schedule and other exhibition details here.

About our presenter:
Chris Barrett brings more than 20 years’ experience in the solar and semiconductor industries. He previously held positions with Brooks Automation, Netmercury, Ferrotec, and SolarBridge Technologies. At APsystems, Chris oversees U.S. technical support and training. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering with business management from Keene State University, and an Associate of Science degree in electromechanical drafting and design technology from New Hampshire Technical College.

About the NABCEP CE Conference:
This conference is primarily intended for NABCEP Certified Professionals who need continuing education credits in order to maintain their certification. The content presented in this conference is geared toward seasoned PV industry professionals who have several years of installation and/or technical sales experience. This is the ideal opportunity for NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals and PV Technical Sales Professionals to obtain all of the continuing education credits needed for recertification (18 hours every three years). Non-certified professionals can earn up to 18 hours toward certification eligibility.

Cascadia Solar & SolareAmerica earn 2019 APsystems Project of the Year Awards

Each year, APsystems selects one residential and one business winner for our Project Awards. The fact that solar power is rapidly gaining traction as a bona-fide alternative to traditional energy delivery made the selection process for the 2019 especially difficult! We had more entries than ever to consider.

This year, the APsystems Project of the Year Awards honor Washington’s Cascadia Solar, and Pennsylvania’s SolareAmerica. Both of these companies deserve recognition for their forward thinking, their inventiveness, and for helping so many people and businesses alike go solar at the dawn of this new decade.

Learn more about this project here.

Cascadia Solar took home our Residential Award. This growing firm is based in the northernmost corner of coastal Washington, and services the greater Olympic Peninsula region. APsystems chose to honor their contribution to The Walk, a progressive residential community on scenic Bainbridge Island. To help power The Walk, Cascadia used our QS1 and YC600 micro-inverters, and chose to install them discreetly on roofs, awnings and vertical end-walls.

Our Commercial Award went to SolareAmerica for their Wawa installation. Last fall, Wawa, a Pennsylvania-based company that owns over 400 gas stations in the Northeast, announced that 93 of their stations would be going solar. This store in Toms River is a representative of that new direction. The store uses 90 APsystems QS1 micro-inverters, installed by SolareAmerica, to handle its 360 modules, and deliver its 108 kilowatts.

Learn more about this project here.

APsystems congratulates both winners of our 2019 Project of the Year Awards. And we especially look forward to seeing your entry in 2020, so be on the lookout for more information about the upcoming year’s competition!

SolareAmerica wins 2019 APsystems Project of the Year Award for WaWa Array

Alternative energy refueling stations are multiplying across North America and Europe. In a way, each is a symbol of ecological relevance in and of itself.

But eco-relevance is good business sense, and it’s now emerging at traditional gas stations, too. Last autumn, as Wawa, Inc. pledged to double the number Tesla Supercharger installations in their network of stores, they also pledged to make 93 of their stations in New Jersey solar powered businesses.

This representative Wawa store in Toms River, New Jersey, is the winner of APsystems’ 2019 Commercial Award for integrating solar power into the context of day-to-day trade and transaction. This gasoline island uses 90 APsystems QS1 micro-inverters for its array of 360 modules in SolareAmerica’s installation, delivering the 108 kilowatts that provide power for a significant portion of the business.

The decision of Wawa, Inc. to take this considerable step toward decreasing their corporate carbon footprint makes each of these 93 stations a symbol of broad-spectrum acceptance of alternative energy. Their decision to use talented and capable solar installers SolareAmerica for these projects is also a brilliant move. We congratulate them for their forward-thinking business acumen.


Cascadia Solar wins 2019 APsystems Project of the Year Award for The Walk

In the past five years, residential solar has found mainstream acceptance; developers of alternative energy-based communities are blossoming, and driving solar energy into a vibrant new phase as 2020 begins. The Walk—a residential community on Bainbridge Island, in Washington State—is a case study that deftly illustrates this trend, and its outlook as we enter this new decade.

The inverter installations designed for the townhomes of The Walk are the work of Washington State’s Cascadia Solar, a division of Frederickson Electric that develops custom solar energy solutions for homes and businesses in the greater Olympic Peninsula region. The firm used APsystems’ QS1 and YC600 micro-inverters for the project, installing them discreetly on roofs, awnings and vertical end-walls.

We congratulate Cascadia Solar on their inventive design sensibilities, and for their role in establishing mass residential solar—and the first Living Building Zero Energy registered community—on Bainbridge Island.

APsystems to speak at Go For the Green Conference in San Gabriel, CA

Fortune Energy’s annual Go For the Green Conference will be held Friday, February 28th at the Hilton Los Angeles San Gabriel. The event will feature exhibitors and speakers from throughout the industry, including APsystems, CALSSA, Enerbank, as well as other PV module and equipment providers. The event begins at 8:00 AM and Jason Higginson, senior director of marketing and Nikolai Demarinis, regional sales manager-California, will be presenting on the latest APsystems products and the many benefits they provide to solar installers and system owners alike.
To register for the Go For the Green Conference, visit the event site here.
To learn more about the agenda and speakers, click here.