APsystems delivers invaluable video training with ONE-TWO punch

PUNCH #1: New YC600 & QS1 Installation Video Series

Now available to professional installers: APsystems’ online video training series for the YC600 & QS1 microinverters. This new four-video series complements our existing ECU-R installation video training by covering the details on the microinverter installation, best practices, layout and cabling options and using the QS1 and YC600 on the same circuit. The new video series can be found on the training page of our website and on the APsystems YouTube channel. Runtime for the full video is around 25 minutes.

Together, the YC600 & QS1 video series and the ECU-R installation video series combine to make a potent “one-two punch” online video training regimen of the best methods and techniques for installing APsystems microinverter equipment. This series is not only ideal for new APsystems installers, but also for experienced installers looking to streamline their installation practices and reduce time and expense on the jobsite.


PUNCH #2: ECU-R Installation Video Series

A collection of 5 helpful videos, the ECU-R series covers the tools you need, an overview of ECU features, proper placement, connections, using the ECU APP to commission the system, inverter scanning, as well as final setup steps in the APsystems online EMA monitoring platform.

“The new video series covers the majority of the basics professional installers need to know on the ECU-R,” says Jason Higginson, Senior Director of Marketing. “These videos will allow them to move more quickly and easily through the setup process.”

There is also a wealth of additional product information, install manuals and training materials available on the APsystems website and the APsystems YouTube channel.