Uninstalling and Reinstalling: Optimizing A Residential Solar Array in Indiana

APsystems Project Award Residential Winner – Apollo Solar

The owners of a house nestled in an Indiana suburb were dealing with a variety of issues. Firstly, due to a poorly installed chimney flashing, the roof sustained water damage and needed replacing. That meant that their current 45-panel solar array had to be completely removed. However, this obstacle quickly turned into an opportunity for Apollo Solar to install a much more efficient solar energy system for the homeowners. 

Due to regulations the neighborhood’s homeowner association had at the time of the first install in 2016, the panels were currently positioned on the shadier back side of the house. On top of that, the previous installer did not have the best practices, leaving the homeowners with loose cables, extended rails, odd panel layouts, and conduit resting on gutters. Now, in 2022, no homeowner association regulations were stopping Apollo Solar from placing the panels on the much sunnier front side—-and doing the job right this time.

With this house being located in shady suburbia, installing inverters at each panel to maximize output just made sense. By using APsystems microinverters, Apollo Solar was not only able to optimize their client’s solar panels but give them the power to monitor each panel individually and, ultimately, give them confidence in their solar system that they didn’t have before. 

Congratulations to Apollo Solar and their “45-Panel Uninstall-Reinstall” project for being awarded APsystems Residential Solar Project of the Year for 2022!

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