Install APsystems with a single crew member

Thanks to APsystems’ microinverter compatibility, light weight, reduced installation time and built-in rapid shutdown compliance, APsystems products can be easily installed by a single crew member of your team.
We have all had to make significant adjustments to both our work and personal lives, and this includes keeping a safe and healthy distance from others. This makes working together to installer a solar system on a job site difficult for most platforms–but not all. All APsystems equipment can be installed by a single crew member.

This makes solar installation still possible for installers who have jobs they need to complete. Many conventional systems, such as string inverters, can require the lifting and mounting of an inverter by two or more individuals. With APsystems, a single crew member can put in the entire system without assistance.

APsystems microinverters each weigh just a few pounds, cabling can easily be placed and connections made by a single installer, and the ECU set up can be done in a snap with one crew member and a smartphone.

For more information on how to install APsystems to take advantage of this benefit, we encourage you to attend our upcoming webinars.