VIDEO: Challenges and Opportunities in Domestic Microinverter Manufacturing

SunCast Media’s speeks with Jason Higginson, Head of Marketing for APsystems USA, diving into the intricate problems and prospects facing the solar industry.

The conversation addresses:

Challenges with IRA Legislation: Navigating the legislation designed to create a level playing field, but sometimes guided too much in favor of Enphase, and the call to open up micro-inverter production.

Workforce Development and Innovation: Debating whether “Workforce Issues are Overhyped,” and exploring the need for domestic innovation in materials, as well as ways to connect smart, capable individuals with new opportunities in tech.

APsystems’ Unique Offerings: Discussing the competitive edge of APsystems’ microinverters, new 3-phase plug and play microinverter, and its soft-launched dedicated battery storage that’s compatible with multiple battery brands. How can we, as consumers and installers, influence the call to action for a more inclusive and competitive micro-inverter market, and what role can we play in supporting domestic manufacturing and innovation?