Founded in 2007 by Kirk Haffner, South Sound Solar has been a pioneer in the solar industry for over 15 years. In a recent project, Quixote Village, South Sound Solar demonstrated its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Partnering with an architectural firm, Kirk ensured that the village was solar-ready, utilizing the latest technology to optimize energy production. With the help of APsystems' dual-channel microinverters, South Sound Solar was able to maximize efficiency, powering each of the 30 tiny homes with just four solar panels. The decision to make APsystems the primary microinverter was driven by reliability and performance, a choice informed by years of experience and a commitment to quality. Join us as we explore the success story of South Sound Solar and its dedication to providing cutting-edge solar solutions.

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"My name is Kirk Hafner I'm the owner founder president of South Sound solar. I started the business by myself back in 2007, so 15 years in the industry. The Camp Quixote Village was named for the roving tent encampment that was going around the city. I worked with the architectural firm, as I had on previous projects, to make the village solar ready. We had room for four solar panels on each building if we got the old standard 60 cell panels. APsystems worked perfectly for that because the YC600 is a dual-channel microinverter, so we have two microinverters for four solar panels which was optimizing each tiny home, and there's 30 tiny homes. So that was the perfect design solution for this particular project. The other thing about APsystems that we really like is that they are dual-channel as opposed to single-channel so we have two microinverters not four. Another one, as I mentioned, is they can do single-phase 208 which is really important. They're a very reliable product so we're confident that we can get these set up and they work. We made the informed choice to make APsystems our primary microinverter. There were other microinverters in the market but we saw a lot of changes, we saw company financials shift. We weren't sure one particular microinverter manufacturer was still going to be in business. We saw a lot of product failures – it is really frustrating to get 20 microinverters on a site and have a high percentage (double digits) fail and so for us we made that informed choice, and we know there's a lot out there. We know of other installers in the area that also use the APsystems. They have a good product driver from the small residential scale microinverters to larger, essentially 4 channel or commercial, or even three-phase microinverters that we really like as well."

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Success Stories: South Sound Solar discusses the Quixote Village Project

APsystems Solar February 6, 2024 6:08 pm

Quixote Communities

APsystems 2022 Project Award Non-Profit Winner – South Sound Solar, Olympia Community Solar, and Quixote Communities

Consisting of 30 tiny homes, Quixote Village serves some of Olympia, Washington’s most vulnerable citizens. From inception, there was always hope of incorporating solar energy into the infrastructure. Olympia Community Solar offered to spearhead the initiative and take on the complicated task of securing funding through different grant channels. South Sound Solar was responsible for designing and installing the solar system. The roof of each tiny house boasts four solar panels featuring APsystems YC600 microinverters. The system saves the village nearly $8,000 annually, which is reinvested into village resources. Hats off to all of those involved for pulling off this project and being named APsystems’ Non-Profit 2022 Award Winner!

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Project: Quixote Village
Location: Olympia, WA
Installer: South Sound Solar
System capacity (kw): 37.2kW