Uninstalling and Reinstalling: Optimizing A Residential Solar Array in Indiana

APsystems 2022 Project Award Residential Winner – Apollo Solar

The owners of a house nestled in an Indiana suburb were dealing with a variety of issues, and their current 45-panel solar array had to be completely uninstalled. However, this presented an opportunity for Apollo Solar to install a much more efficient system. On top of fixing the issues caused by the previous installers—loose cables, extended rails, odd panel layouts, and conduit resting on gutters—Apollo Solar moved the array to the much sunnier front-facing side of the roof and used APsystems microinverters to optimize each panel, ultimately giving the homeowners confidence in their solar array that they didn’t have before. For their outstanding work, Apollo Solar has been named our 2022 Resident Award Winner!

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Project: 45 Panel Deinstall-Reinstall
Location: 716 Sun Studio Dr., Memphis, IN
Installer: Apollo Solar
System capacity (kw): 12.825kW