Central Labs Ltd – Alberta, CA

“Installing APsystems YC1000 microinverters was the only way to get this project to it’s performance goals” said Alexander Tyndale of Solar YYC.  Tilted racking, minor shading issues and a snowy climate were some of the obstacles Solar YYC had to overcome with this installation. Having MLPE helped diminish all the potential shading concerns.  The YC1000s allowed them to install 400 watt modules without much inverter clipping, increasing the overall DC capacity of the system and annual performance.

“The client loved the added module-level monitoring that comes standard with APsystems and was pleased to find out we had extended his warranties on the microinverters to 25 years.  Our electricians loved the ease of install with APsystems on this project. We will continue to make APsystems our inverter of choice.”  – Alexander Tyndale, Solar YYC

Project:Central Labs Ltd
Location: Red Dear, Alberta, CA
Installer: Solar YYC
Installation Date: 2020
System capacity (kw): 24kw DC
Microinverter: APsystems YC1000
No. of Microinverters: 20