Solar Patio – British Columbia, CA

Located on a beautiful sunny hillside in Willowbrook British Columbia this newly built home installed 18 bifacial solar panels in July of 2020. Swiss Solar Tech was contracted to design and install a custom-made patio cover made up of 18 x 305 watt bifacial BN 60 modules creating a 5.49KW solar PV system for the residence.  Using 4 QS1, 1 YC600, and 1 ECU-R, the microinverters made the installation of the array quick, easy, and aesthetically pleasing. The 5.49kw system will produce an average of 7,500KW/year for the client, bringing them very close to a net zero home.  

The installation has a nice clean look to it with amazing monitoring capabilities which the clients loved to show off to their friends and family. Overall this solar PV patio is a real show piece and stands out in the sunny hillside neighborhood. It was a pleasure to install and we are very happy to call it a big success for Swiss Solar Tech with another satisfied client who has already referred a few other potential clients to us.” – Fadrina Gaudenzi, Swiss Solar Tech

Project: Solar Patio
Location: Willowbrook, BC Canada
Installer: Swiss Solar Tech
Installation Date: July 2020
System capacity (kw): 5.49kw
Microinverter: APsystems QS1 and YC600
No. of Microinverters: 4 QS1 and 1 YC600