APsystems EMA Account Registration

APsystems offers an installer certification program that is required to obtain an EMA installer account. This includes attending its microinverter training sessions and ECU/EMA training.

Installers can receive training through any of the following methods:

1. Attend a live training event (NABCEP CE).
2. Attend an online webinar (NABCEP CE)
3. View an online certification video and take the subsequent quiz (100% score required). Be aware that not all required training may be available in video form.

NOTE: Training is not offered to homeowners or self-installers. APsystems does not support DIY installation and highly recommended homeowners contact a licensed and certified solar installation professional.

Already completed your training?

Once you have completed your training you can request an installer EMA account by completing the form below and submitting online. You may also download here and mail the form to us.

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