Lynn Valley Project

The Lynn Valley project is a 7.8 kW rooftop solar system completed in mid-October, 2021 and was the first time this solar installer had used the APsystems QS1 microinverters. This is what they had to say: 

“One of the challenges in designing rooftop solar systems is keeping long-term maintenance in mind while also maximizing energy production. A good solar system utilizes as much sunlit roof space as is available, in the most efficient way possible – this often means panels are grouped tightly together, making it difficult for maintenance personnel to access portions of the system. This is especially observed in designs that use single-input microinverters, as they are typically mounted under each solar panel, and so to access a microinverter in the center of the array, multiple panels must be removed to create a path to the microinverter in question.This is where the APsystems QS1 quad-input microinverter made the difference. By connecting four panels to each QS1 and positioning each microinverter under the outermost panels along the edge of the solar array, future maintenance personnel need only to remove one panel to access the microinverter beneath. This reduces both the risk of damage to the solar array, and risk of injury to maintenance personnel – with no negative impact on solarenergy generation.” 

Project:Lynn Valley Project
Location: Lynn Valley Terrace, Ottawa, Ontario
Installer: Kajk Constructors
Installation Date: 2021
System capacity (kw): 7.8 kW
Microinverter: APsystems QS1