APsystems Certification Training Videos

APsystems offers an installer certification program that is required to obtain an EMA installer account.

APsystems online video trainings are registered to confer NABCEP CE credits and cover proper installation and setup of APsystems microinverters, the APsystems Energy Communication Unit (ECU) and APsystems Energy Monitoring and Analysis (EMA) web portal. These online video trainings are typically 1 hour sessions, conferring 1 credit each.

Watch these training videos and take the certification tests.  This is required to become a certified APsystems installer.

NOTE: Even after watching these videos and completing their corresponding quizzes, you will still need to attend our online webinar for the ECU/EMA to complete our training series and become a certified APsystems installer.

Once successfully completed you can register yourself as a certified installer on the APsystems online monitoring system (EMA).

APsystems YC1000 Certification Training Video

APsystems YC500A/YC500i & ECU Certification Training Video

NOTE: APsystems product and installation training is free, and always offered at no cost to solar installers. Websites or services charging money for APsystems product or installation training are not endorsed by APsystems and should be avoided. Please contact APsystems at media@apsystems.com to report violators or report them directly to YouTube.