Bland Solar & Air to install APS microinverters in California’s Central Valley region


July 22, 2014

apsystems-blandSEATTLE — Leading California solar distributor Bland Solar & Air will carry APS microinverters, under a new strategic partnership between the two companies.

The agreement introduces APS microinverter products to customers in California’s Central Valley, a dynamic market where solar adoption far outpaces other metropolitan areas nationwide.

In adding the APS microinverter line to their array of solar products, Bland Solar will now be primarily selling the APS microinverter and adopting the APS product as their “go to” microinverter.

“We are choosing APS as our microinverter because they are second to none in their functionality, efficiency and durability,” said Ty Simpson, Director of Sales for Bland Solar & Air. “Their production specifications are becoming the benchmark of what a microinverter should be able to do and produce.”

Higher power handling and output allows APS microinverters to be paired with PV modules up to 310 watts, with a single unit handling two modules — another bonus for system designers and end customers, he said.

Simpson also praised the APS technical support team for its “uncanny” response time, and cited the company’s ability to fulfill product orders faster than other manufacturers.

Michael Ludgate, vice president for APS America, hailed the agreement and praised Bland’s leadership among California solar distributors and installers.

“For the past seven years, Bland Solar had been exclusively using the industry leading microinverter brand, and their switch to APS is a strong endorsement,” Ludgate said. “Bland Solar has a proven reputation for excellent customer service and providing significant value to their customers. We’re pleased to partner with Bland in a community where solar power has been so widely and enthusiastically embraced by consumers.”

Fresno ranks No. 1 among US metropolitan areas in solar capacity installed per capita, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratories’ Open PV Project.

Bland Solar & Air has served California’s Central Valley area, including Fresno and Bakersfield, with HVAC and solar electric services since 1985. Sister company CalCom Solar serves agricultural and commercial clients throughout Central California.

Bland Solar services include system design, installation and maintenance, zero-down financing, and PV system training for aspiring solar industry professionals.

APS was founded in the Silicon Valley in 2009, and is now a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of microinverters based on their own proprietary, leading-edge solar technology. APS America, representing APS in the US market, is based near Seattle, Washington.

APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among top microinverter suppliers by shipments in 2013 (source: GTM Research).

Information on Bland Solar & Air can be found at www.blandsolar.com

Information on APS microinverter products can be found at www.usa.apsystems.com.


APS microinverters now powering African safaris in Namibia

APS microinverters are now in service on five continents. Our new YC1000 microinverter — the world’s first true 3-phase, 4-panel unit, soon to be released in the US — is a key component in a new solar installation at Ritter Safaris, a 40,000-acre working ranch in Namibia, southwest Africa.

The installation includes 13 of our YC1000 units linked to a 52-panel ground-mount array (Jinko 235W modules) for 12.2KW, 3-phase power output. The system supports activities in the Ritter family compound of residences and guest houses, kitchen and support facilities at this popular safari destination.

Owners Rolf and Marion Ritter and their family have owned, farmed and hunted the land for three generations, and offer a year-round safari and sightseeing experience to guests from around the world.

We’re proud to bring the power of APS microinverter technology to the African continent and this excellent, family-run enterprise.



Happy Independence Day from APS America!

The APS America team would like to wish you a happy Independence Day.

We don’t just wish it – we can guarantee it.  Independence from:

  1. Non-competitive pricing
  2. Outdated technology
  3. Unresponsive customer support
  4. “Nickel-and-diming” from hidden fees and add-ons

We have heard your concerns about your past suppliers. When you choose APS  microinverter products, you know you’re getting the most innovative, reliable, flexible and cost-effective solar solutions on the market. See our product line at APSamerica.com and read testimonials from our satisfied distributors and installers, and see what APS microinverters can do for you.

Don’t be dependent on lesser brands – choose APS microinverters, and choose independence!



APS microinverters are Solar Builder’s cover story for July/August edition

UnknownAPS has reimagined the possibilities of the solar microinverter, and the national media are taking notice. Solar Builder magazine features APS microinverters on the cover of their July/August edition with a lengthy feature story, “Rethinking Microinverters: APS America changes the game with microinverters that power multiple PV modules.”

The cover story touts our advanced APS microinverter technology and the real per-watt costs savings that come with our dual-module microinverter units.

“Our big leap forward was to be able to do a dual that is not twice as big as the single,” APS CEO Kelly Samson says in the story. “There’s a lot of dual use of parts inside that box. The box is 60 percent bigger than a single. That does a lot of magic things for you — makes the box smaller and lighter, makes it more efficient, less costly to manufacture, cheaper to ship and we have a significant price advantage over the competition.”

Read the whole story here.


APS team touches down next at Intersolar North America, July 8-10 in San Francisco

intersolarOur whirlwind tour of the US continues! The APS team touches down next at Intersolar North America, July 8-10 in San Francisco.We’ll be sharing space in the Intersolar exhibition hall with our friends from Fortune Energy, booth 7445. See the APS product line and find out why distributors and installers nationwide are making the switch to APS microinverters for their solar customers.

“Intersolar is a great event, and we expect another great response to our microinverter line,” says Michael Ludgate, APS vice president of business development. “We’re beating the ‘big guys’ on innovation, quality, pricing and support, and our new customers appreciate the difference.”

The APS sales team is coming off last month’s tremendous success at PV America in Boston, where we forged new partnerships with leading solar vendors in new US markets.

Fortune-EnergylogoNow comes Intersolar North America, the most attended solar conference in the US with more than 550 solar exhibitors and 18,000 visitors expected for this year’s showcase of the latest innovations and products. Come and see the APS flagship YC500 dual-MPPT microinverter, our groundbreaking YC1000 3-phase, 4-panel unit, and other leading-edge technology available only from APS.

Email sales@apsamerica.com to set up a meeting with Michael or Paul during Intersolar North America. We look forward to meeting you!


APS coming to new markets across the US – join our distribution network

APS is coming to new markets throughout the United States as distributors turn to our advanced microinverter technology.
APS offers relief from the pain that comes with other brands: the uncompetitive pricing, poor customer service, complex distribution, and “nickel and diming” that adds to system costs. APS is the smart, affordable alternative.


Here’s what our customers are saying:

“We are very impressed with the quality of the APS product as well as the ease of installation. The YC500 fits a niche we have in the marketplace and it really is the solution we have been looking for, saving us time and money.”
– Jeffrey W. Austin, president, GreenSeal Power Systems www.greenseal.us.com

“APS has the pulse of the market. They bring stable, consistent products with pricing that helps distributors and end users meet their goal to transition to renewable energy, with realistic and affordable options. Also, the APS support team is awesome.”
– Mario Fajardo, president, Utilities Supply Corp. www.utilitiesupply.com

“Being twin inverters, APS microinverters are less costly because only one inverter is needed for every two panels. APS is the world’s leading brand for microinverters, and we’re very happy with the product.”
– Frank Rieger, founder and CEO, Sol-Up USA, www.solup.com

“Fortune Energy is excited to bring APS to our installers and homeowners because of the reliability of the product plus the great price and warranty.”
– Jack Meng, president, Fortune Energy, www.fortuneenergy.net

Innovative, cost-effective, bankable: PV panels meet their perfect match in APS microinverters. APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among microinverter suppliers by shipments in 2013 (source: GTM Research).

See the APS microinverter advantage for yourself — meet us this week at PV America booth 359 or email sales@apsamerica.com.


APS is coming to PV America

Boston, June 23-2542
PV modules meet their perfect match in APS microinverters. Now APS is bringing its leading-edge solar technology to PV America, the industry’s leading conference on photovoltaic module technology. APS is sponsoring the conference, to be held June 23-25 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. We’ll be hosting a booth on the conference floor with a line of APS products on display.We look forward to meeting you at the PV America conference. Come by our booth #359 or email sales@apsamerica.com today and tell us you’ll be there too.

APS microinverters are the safe choice to meet NEC 2014 standards

New electrical safety standards for solar equipment are here, and APS microinverters meet these tough new demands out of the box.

Under the new National Electrical Code (NEC) 2014, PV system circuits must include a Rapid Shutdown function to cut off the flow of current in case of an emergency. The new standards protect system installers and emergency responders from encountering an energized system.

This Rapid Shutdown functionality is built into every APS microinverter. Our products are engineered for safety – a key feature as state codes change to keep up with the spread of solar across our communities.

“Due to fire and safety issues, we no longer install string inverters,” says John Harley, president of Brimma Solar, a leading installer in the Pacific Northwest market. Brimma chooses safe, reliable APS microinverter technology for their customers in Washington and Oregon.

Innovative, cost-effective, bankable: PV panels meet their perfect match in APS microinverters. APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among microinverter suppliers by shipments in 2013 (source: GTM Research).

See the APS microinverter advantage for yourself — meet us at PV America booth 359, June 23-25, or email sales@apsamerica.com


APS microinverters lead the industry in innovation, flexibility

APS microinverters are the new choice for PV system designers and installers across the solar industry.

51Why? The tremendous advantages that APS microinverters offer over traditional “string” units is no secret: optimized yield thanks to individual module output, monitoring and control (no more “shading” effects crippling a whole array); flexibility of system design, and ease of installation (one APS unit handles two PV modules); lower costs, including balance of system components; and the increased safety of distributed current.

Flexibility is exactly why Miami-based Utilities Supply Corp. recently chose APS equipment for the Caribbean market. The unique chip-based architecture of APS microinverters allows each unit to be easily programmed to suit any power grid profile. Inverter compatibility is a key challenge for installers in the Caribbean, where the island grid includes a number of different technical standards including British, Dutch, German, French and American. Because they meet these varied technical demands, Utilities Supply uses APS microinverters exclusively.

“With APS we can program inverter to grid spec, not grid to inverter,” says Mario Fajardo, manager of Utilities Supply Corp. “That’s a huge advantage.”

Innovative, cost-effective, bankable: PV panels meet their perfect match in APS microinverters. APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among microinverter suppliers by shipments in 2013 (source: GTM Research).

See the APS microinverter advantage for yourself — meet us at PV America booth 359, June 23-25, or email sales@apsamerica.com


2014 Trends: Solar Module-Level Power Electronics – Solar Power World

Product reliability distinguishes top microinverter brands, APS VP Michael Ludgate tells Solar Power World in a new article on MLPE trends. Read Micahel’s comments here.