Midwest distributor AFP Power to carry APS solar microinverter line

apsystems-AFPAFP Power solar distributors will carry the APS microinverter line exclusively, in a new partnership between the companies.

St. Louis, Mo.-based AFP (American Family Place) Power was founded in 2013 with a mission of supplying quality solar products sourced from Tier 1 (greater than 300MW) supply chains from the USA, China, Germany, Japan and Taiwan.

The company offers a variety of high-quality solar product and integrated solutions, for applications ranging from rooftop to off-grid and marine use.

Complete installation kits featuring APS microinverter products will be offered through the company’s distribution website, www.afp-power.com.

“Our customers will be impressed by the value APS microinverters offer versus other brands,” said Willis He, AFP Power president. “The price per watt is significantly lower, as are balance of system costs. And with their remarkable ease of installation, APS offers a truly ‘plug and power’ solution.”

AFP Power founder He is well known throughout the U.S. and international solar industry. He previously served as CEO of China Sunenergy’s North American operations, and is a former Solar Energy Industries Association board member. He has also held an executive post with MEMC/SunEdison.

Thomas Nelson, APS USA Vice President of Sales, welcomed AFP Power to the APS microinverter distribution network.

“AFP Power is in the vanguard among outstanding low-cost solar distributors,” Nelson said. “Like APS, they’re driven by a commitment to a greener world and making solar technology available to consumers across the spectrum.”

APS flagship products include the YC500, a powerful dual-module microinverter, and the YC1000 true 3-phase unit, purpose-designed for commercial applications and offering an unprecedented 1:4 microinverter-to-module ratio.

APS was founded in Silicon Valley in 2009, and is now a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of microinverters based on their own proven, leading-edge solar technology. APS USA, representing APS in the U.S. market, is based in Seattle.

APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among top microinverter suppliers by shipment in 2013 (source: GTM Research).

For information on AFP Power solar distribution and services, see www.afp-power.com.

For information on APS microinverter products, see www.usa.apsystems.com.