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APsystems A+ Installer Rebate & First Time Installer Program– SUMMER 2015

INSTALLERS: Get $210 back (per typical residential install).

$15 savings per microinverter adds up in a hurry

Through our Installer Summer Rebate Program, get $15 back for each APsystems microinverter you purchase now through September 30th. That’s $210 back in your pocket for an average residential installation with 14 APsystems YC500 dual-module microinverters.

Do you complete five jobs a week? That’s more than $1,000 back to your bottom line — easy money for choosing APsystems microinverters.

Registration is simple through our A+ Rewards rebate website. Register your purchase by Dec. 31, 2015, to receive your Visa® Gift Card.

New APsystems installer? It gets even better.

First-time APsystems installers who order APsystems microinverters through a participating distributor will receive even more: a $250 Visa® Gift Card, and a free ECU (Energy Communications Unit) – with free monitoring for the life of the product. Plus the rebate on top of that.

With $250 back and a free ECU with free monitoring, there’s no better time to try APsystems and find out why we’re the fastest-growing solar microinverter provider in the world.

And another great thing you’ll notice about APsystems: we always offer free monitoring for life. It’s not a costly add-on, like some other brands. We stand behind every APsystems array with free monitoring and support.

It doesn’t get easier than this.

APsystems YC500 microinverters purchased between July 1, 2015 – September 30, 2015 are eligible for the rebate (other APsystems microinverter models are not included in the promotion).

Once you’ve purchased APsystems microinverters, follow these easy steps:

      1. Register as an APsystems installer
      1. Complete your microinverter installations
      1. Submit purchase information (using form at right) to collect your rebate

For more information.

Contact your APsystems distributor for complete A+ Rebate program details, or email You can also mail a request to the program administrator at:

Attn: Rebate Program Administrator
600 Ericksen Ave NE, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98110

See below for full Terms and Conditions and find out how to take advantage of this unbeatable offer. The time to bring APsystems advanced microinverter technology to your customers is right now – contact your participating distributor today.

ECU UID number: Is a 12 digit number beginning with 203.  APsystems will use the ECU number to identify the registered microinverters and confirm the serial numbers were purchased during the promotion.


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